Are Mauritius Offshore Company Incorporation Services Right For You?

Why do you want a Mauritius offshore company incorporation? I will let you think about the answer while I put down a few things I like about the country.

* Mauritius offshore company incorporation offers a simple tax saving company,

* a resident, 3% tax company, for investing in 31 countries where it has Double Tax Avoidance Treaties, prominent among them are India, China, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and South Africa.

* a Protected Cell Company for multiple investments with different investors via one company but different ‘investment cells’, and

* Trusts of many types which protect inheritances or identities.

But, which type is best for you?

The beautiful island of Mauritius was known to Malay and Arab traders as early as the 10th century but the Portuguese were the first to set their foot on the island to explore it in detail.

Mauritius remained under British rule for a long time but in 1992 the people of Mauritius decided to break ties from the Crown and Mauritius became a free nation within the Commonwealth.

This is a beautiful country, you’ll remember the beaches for years, 2000 sq km island, half the size of Dubai, and is off the east coast of Madagascar in Southern Africa. Its a stable democracy since obtaining independence in 1968, with a current population of 1.3 million.

After gaining independence the people of Mauritius have worked very hard to take their country to new heights of prosperity.

The pro investment policies of the government of Mauritius have paid dividends resulting in the attraction of considerable foreign investment to Mauritius. It is notable that Mauritius now has one of Africa’s highest per capita incomes.

The government of Mauritius has taken practical steps by offering a wide range of incentives to attract prospective investors. A key focus area is the financial sector and its ability to compete globally. One of the steps that were taken were the laws to facilitate Mauritius offshore company incorporation. The government clearly understands how an offshore company in Mauritius brings business activity, revenue and employment opportunities to the people of Mauritius.

While the banks and the offshore company incorporation service providers are serious about their reputation and image, they do not speak in hushed tones and charge you for something every time you speak to them!

The rapidly growing field of Mauritius offshore company incorporation services is largely peopled by chartered accountants and professionally trained individuals who are proud of their countries achievements.

They have avoided being blacklisted by the OECD while sticking to their own regime. Bravo! And they are adding products continuously.

Mauritius offshore incorporation is still a little far from US pressure!

The downside is that their ‘Know Your Client’ document requirements are tedious and time consuming, which also makes the process of an offshore company formation expensive!

Recently, it has been ranked as the 18th highest country for openness in doing business – no mean result.

So, will an offshore company in this island be right for you?

Are you looking for a protected cell company or a trust? Or are you looking to invest into India, China, Sri Lanka or any of the other 31 double tax treaty countries?

Or do you just want a simple company to buy your property, park your foreign earnings, and keep some wealth safe without too many hassles? Which type of a Mauritius offshore company incorporation are you looking for?

A reasons that makes Mauritius a preferred offshore location to business people looking for an offshore company incorporation is that the country has attractive tax laws, which can result in substantial savings of profits which they would have otherwise paid to their government.

Another advantage of formation of a company in Mauritius is that the banking sector in Mauritius is very strong and independent. It provides services of international standard and the costs are lesser than other international business hubs.

Mauritius has always been known for its pollution free natural environment, beautiful scenery, lush greenery and political and economic stability. These characteristics add to its attraction for offshore company incorporation, mauritius banking, and offshore investments.

The company law in Mauritius is derived from English Law making the laws of this country easy to understand and interpret for English speaking professionals around the world.

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