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Business security: Different company options, nominee services, benefits, steps and costs

Business security: Discover some of the important benefits of confidential business ownership through a nominee to secure your privacy and safeguard your offshore business

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Confidential business ownership of an offshore business through a nominee protects your privacy and the privacy of your business. Nominee services let you guard your financial interests by hiring another individual or business entity to represent you.

People use nominee services for various reasons but the predominant reason is to keep information about their financial investments and asset ownership private.

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Business security: Company options in UAE

There are three different types of companies in the United Arab Emirates. They are as follows:

Free Zones

Business Security | Get Secure Your Business OwnershipFree Zones are special economic areas offering tax free, duty-free benefits to expatriate investors. Each one is designed around one or more business categories. The Dubai Auto Zone is one example.

More than 20 Free Zones are in operation in Dubai.


An offshore company can be used as an investment company, a holding company or a real estate holding company. This type of business lets you form a company to engage in international business without having a physical presence in Dubai.


Outside of designated Free Zones, your company must be at least 51 per cent owned by a local UAE national. Your UAE partner must be paid a yearly fee, which can be negotiated. There are exceptions to this rule. One exception is if your business is a branch office of a foreign company. Another is that certain professionals are also exempt from the rule.

Operating in this way means that you will have a wider choice of locations and can pick one that is appropriate for your budget.

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Business security: What is a nominee service?

Nominee services are a way of shielding the financial activities of one party by hiring someone else or another business to represent them. These services provide a way to screen someone’s ownership or participation in a business, ownership of shares or other holdings. The use of a nominee service is a smart way to buy assets without other businesses or individuals finding out what you are up to.

Business security: Benefits of confidential ownership

Some of the benefits of confidential business ownership are as follows:

  • Business Security | Get Secure Your Business OwnershipSecures your privacy and safeguards your business from competitors
  • Selling overseas property is easier and cheaper
  • Protect assets from litigation
  • Mask involvement in potential acquisitions
  • Legally reduce taxes

Business security: Next steps and costs

It is very important to select the right company to handle your nominee service needs. They must be a trusted provider with an excellent reputation for protecting the privacy of their clients. A reputable nominee service will only reveal the identity of shareholders to governments conducting criminal investigations.

The cost of confidential business ownership through a nominee will vary from service to service but can cost as little as $1,000 per year.

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