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Website Creation | 10 Steps To Effective Business Websites

Website creation: Objectives, market size, key phrase search, site structure, content, ideal client, layout, price, CTA

Website Creation: Objectives

Before you start to build your website, look at your business plan. And ask yourself various questions:

  • Why are you doing a website?
  • What do you want it do for you?
  • What measure will you use to know whether the website is working for you?
  • How will you find out the constraints for the website?
  • Are you personally willing to put in the effort required to get there?

An effective website for your business is not something you can give to a website designer and forget about it. It is an active instrument of your business plan and its effectiveness is based upon what you put into its design and content.

Rama | SEO Master Trainer

Also a website is not automatically effective. There are constraints and limitations which depend on your market, the number of key phrases you choose, the demand for these key phrases and the competition you face on the web.

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Website creation: Market

A first step would be to identify your market. You will be familiar with your market in the real world. Its geographical location, the demographics and the reasons people buy your products. So you need to find out your corresponding market on the Web.

Website creation: Key phrase search

Using a handy tool like Wordtracker or the Google Keyword Tool do a key phrase search. This will identify for you the key words potential visitors to your site are using to search for your type of products or services. Input phrases that define the features of your product or service. This is the quickest.

As you learn more about visitor behaviors you can refine your search using benefits the visitor is looking for. These are more sophisticated searches and may lead to hidden opportunities that your competitors may have missed. The best key phrases to attack are the ones with low competition and high demand. Naturally these are few. Short list about 50 key phrases initially.

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Website creation: Site organization structure

Once you have a shortlist of about 50 relevant key phrases you are ready to make a site structure. An Excel sheet is perfect for this. Include columns for everything that will be done on the site.

The parent and nesting pages. The menu titles, Call to Actions, Titles, Description of each page, the URL, the social media marketing, content to be added, videos and anything else you will be doing on each page. Put completion dates. It will also seem overwhelming so take it in small chunks.

Website creation: Market size

The size of your web market is based on the number of searches that are being done for your product and services.

There will be hundreds of key phrases that are used to search for your type of business. So to respond to your prospective client, you will need to select key phrases for which you will be providing content.

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Naturally with more key phrases your potential market will be bigger. But more key phrases mean more content.

So strike a balance.

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Website creation: Content

Now that you have an idea of why you are doing your website, and whom you are targeting, the next step is to provide content.

People come to your page to get information. So give it to them. Content could be text, videos and pictures.

Text pages should be around 500 words. Videos should be 30 to 60 seconds. Pictures should be 50 KB.

Each page should be focused on only 1 key phrase. Any duplication of text content on your site or if it has been copied from other pages will lead to ranking penalties.

So do the text in your own voice. Your own voice is difficult to copy and acts as a way to filter in the prospective client you want.

Set up a timetable to write 2 to 3 pages every week so that your site appears fresh.

Website creation: Targeting your ideal client

The objective here is to use colors, layout and the voice of your text to filter-in your ideal client.

Traditionally different colors are used for different types of businesses. E.g. dark blue is good for the financial industry. While pink is used most often for female products.

Using your own voice in the text is always a good idea. This allows the visitor to resonate with you and leads to less disappointment and more conversions. Later, as you grow and want to attract other sectors you could have other team members contribute to the website.

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Website creation: Layout

Many studies are available on website layout.

Generally a visitor’s eyes follow an F pattern. First across the top. Then scanning down to see the text. The right side is where they end up, which is why Google ads are on the right.

This makes the header space the most important place on your site. Use this to tell visitors what you do, what benefit you provide and how to act now. Not just for your brand name.

Edgie | Team SEO

Another important area is the space above the fold. I.e. What visitors see before they scroll down. So this space must have all information you deem necessary for them to have. And it should be interesting enough that they want to scroll down.

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Website creation: Price of your product

You may want to talk about the value of your service or product in the hope that when you tell the visitor your prices they will be suitably impressed.

But, visitors want to know immediately what the price is so that they can decide if it is within their budget. So don’t waste their time. Tell them the prices.

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Website creation: Call to Action

What is it that you want the visitor to do when they arrive at your site? Make this very clear. Or the visitor will be confused and not take the next step.

This could be going to another page. Or contacting you. Or filling out a form. Or buying your product.

Whatever it is, tell them clearly.

You now have the basics for website creation.

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