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Website: Content, videos, press releases, e-newsletters, images, comments, site speed, social media marketing, lay-out and site statistics are must have items

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Website: Top of Google rankings = Quality Content + Relevancy to the search inquiry + Popularity, in terms of how many people and sites are sharing or referring to the content.

SEO professionals focus on on-page and off-page factors that affect Google search rankings. So it is important to remember that Google has personalized and localized search so no one really knows what the ranking of your site will be on someone’s laptop or mobile device.

Here are some very effective ideas to have a lasting influence for your site, while making it useful:

1. Website: Content, content, content

I cannot emphasize this enough. The Internet is an information medium. People come to the Internet to get information, even if at some time that information can induce them to buy something.

Rama | SEO Master Trainer

Increasingly the prize of high rankings goes to the page with good quality content. And yes, Google has improved its algorithm to evaluate quality of the content. The test of your content is: would anyone want to share it with people they know? Or refer to it in their content?

If not, then improve your content and ask that question again.

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2. Website: Videos

Have you seen the ‘Gangnam Style’ video on Till last week it had garnered 2 bn views! It’s a music video where PSY, the maker of the video, gave away his copyright to the video. This massive number of views has him on top of the music charts and iTunes.

Is the video good content? I think so. Can you do a video that goes so massively viral? Probably, unlikely. But certainly you can make videos that get hundreds or even thousands of views. That translates into traffic to your site and even sales.

And, is the 2nd largest search engine, after Google. Videos are more interesting than reading. So it is important for you to be there.

However, so far Google doesn’t have an algorithm to ‘read’ videos, only text. So to have your video ranked highly, put in plenty of text in the description and use your key phrases appropriately.


3. Website: Press releases

A very overlooked means of not only getting traffic to your site, but also to get in-coming links to your site is PR releases. Many sites provide you with PR releases. is one that I have used effectively in the past.

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4. Website: E-newsletters

People visit many sites to get the information they seek. Sometimes they will seek information much before they act upon it. And all this searching may be conducted over a period of time.

Personally when I am searching for information, I don’t always bookmark sites to go back to them. And even when I do, I forget what exactly they contained.

A continuous stream of regular information to the visitor then becomes very important to keep him or her coming back to your site and remember how to reach when they need your services.

These regular letters also gives you the opportunity to inform your recipients about the topic you are talking about.


5. Website: Images

If you see the left side of the Google page with the search results you see the options for ‘images’, ‘video’, ‘news’ and so on. That’s because people actually do search for things other than text.

Team SEO

So use images on your site. But always optimize them for the search engines. Optimize them so that you can get traffic and links back to your own site. One company I know gets 40% of its traffic from images!


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6. Website: Audio, Polls & Surveys, Community News, Comments

On an average, a visitor spends about 30 seconds on a website. So audio files, polls and community news are all interesting ways to keep the visitor engaged.

Even more effective is the place for comments from users. The comments not only are a way to have your visitors involved with your content, but they also show up as results for searches for long tail related key phrases.

Comments are also content. They keep the site fresh. You get a chance to know what people are thinking and questioning. And you don’t have to provide it.


7. Website: Site speed and page load times

30 seconds is the time you have to engage a person who comes to your site. Some people estimate this time to be even less. Do you want them to spend that time waiting for your site to load? Or reading some stuff.

Some of the things that make a site load time go up are flash, large pictures, and large files such as video on your site. There are ways around this like loading large files on other sites and linking with them.


8. Website: Market via Social Media, Facebook business page, Google+

Google and Bing are looking at how many people and sites are referring to your content. Other sites give you links. People share on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Youtube and countless other social sites.

Manuraj | Team SEO

So use this media to market your content.

Make sure your content is interesting enough so that other people also pass it on to their friends. And so that other sites want to link to it.

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9. Website: Layout, Navigation, Sitemap

The first thing visitors coming to a website do is to ask themselves: what is this site about? And then, what do they want me to do? And thirdly, how do I do it? Do your pages answer these questions clearly? Does every page, especially your home page?

Visitors generally look ‘above the fold’ to find out whether they want to scroll down. So the layout, headlines and text need to be arresting, and the Call To Actions need to be prominent above the fold.


10. Website: Statistics – Iterate

Statistics let you know how you are doing vs. your objectives for the page and your site. Google Analytics is one of the best free tools you can use. Find out where people are going on your site. How many are coming. How many are converting. Which Social Media sites are helping you? Where your visitors are coming from and what is interesting to them on your site.

And then make changes to become better. Then test it again and become even more effective.

The above 10 tips are only a short list. There are even more. Search Engine Optimization is a continuous process.


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