Google Pigeon Update

Google Pigeon Update

The Google Pigeon Update is mainly deals with local search update and pigeons be inclined to take off back home.
Google released an attractive major local search algorithm update. Google told us there was no internal name for the update,however now with the intention of we notice that it was somewhat important, we decided to give it a name: Pigeon.

Here’s a fast review of Google’s Pigeon update, as it stands currently:

  • More accurate Local Search and gives lesser Google Place as results
  • Helps to find more traditional ranking signals to local listings
  • Shows local directory websites more than others
  • It represents the convergence of Google’s mobile and desktop strategies
  • The local listings will get more importance of a good reputation and consistent
  • It included the “reviews” extension which gives more value if AdWords campaign

How you can take advantage of this?

One important action you can take in the rouse of the Pigeon update?

  • Update your local listings
  • Make sure that your website appears on local directories.
  • Ensure that your business’s name, address and phone number match across the Google Place listing

Since this particular update has upgraded the importance of local directories relative to other sites, you’ll want your site to have increased visibility via Yelp, and others

This update is more specific than any other Google update and it helps in listing into local searches more easily than ever.
The advantage of this update is the skill to actually take the results by snowstorm with excellent branding. In addition, while it comes to smaller businesses competing with giants, improved local search rankings can just help reach a quicker, more local and exact audience

What is its impact on a website?

While the “Yelp problem” has been addressed with the update, other local directories will also likely see an increase in local search rankings and overall popularity.

Sites like Urbanspoon and TripAdvisor that list local search and attractions will no longer have to battle Google’s listings. As an alternative, retailers and restaurants that use online directories can focus on the directories that attract the most attention, instead of catering to the requirements and needs of Google.

The update will also affect retailers and local businesses relying on traditional SEO for their own websites. Because of the new prominence of listings, going at it alone, without the support of larger networks may be more difficult than ever.

Steps to change website to take advantage

The Google Pigeon update will make it harder than ever for individual websites, advertising local businesses to maintain a high search ranking with Google. So far in this, directories are more important than ever. Take the time to create a business page on large directory sites – like Yelp and to optimize where possible.

Google’s Yelp problem has now been resolved and Yelp profiles will now show at the top of Google search results when a user specifically includes the word “Yelp” in search queries. Yelp accuse Google of manipulating search results to show Google’s own local search listings over Yelp’s, even when a user included the word “Yelp” in the query.

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