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Google places for local search. Picking categories, getting your address right, multiple service areas and eligibility


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Google places: In the past few years Google has decided to focus on Local Search. They have discovered that a high percentage of all search is for Local businesses.

This has brought the introduction of Google Places. Google has been rolling out Google Places to different countries around the world. And recently, it has come to the United Arab Emirates.

A major impact of this on your Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is that when the map is displayed there isn’t enough space below it to get 10 page listings. So this is reduced to 3.

Obviously if you want to be on the first page, you must have a relevant Google


Places listing. Here you can read about how to do this effectively.

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Google places: 5 steps to get your business on the first page


1. Google places: Picking categories

This is the toughest part of the whole process. You should choose a category that characterizes your business e.g. Internet Marketing Service rather than what it does e.g. SEO Workshops.

Your appearance on the first page for a particular search depends very much on the category you choose. To facilitate this you can use Mike Blumenthal’s Google Places Category Tool to find out which category is relevant to you.

If there are several categories that seem to suit you, it would be best to use the one which has the maximum search demand. There are several key word search tools that you could use including Word Tracker or Google’s Keyword Tool to do this.

You can also check out what categories your competitors are using.

Remember that all optimization is relative. Google chooses the best from what is available. So if your information is more appropriate than your competitors’ then you have a better chance of a higher ranking.

Make sure the first 3 of 5 categories you enter are most relevant to you since only 3 are displayed.


2. Google places: Custom categories

You can also add custom categories which ideally should be your primary key phrases.

Google will compare your custom categories with your description and regular categories to see if they match. If they do then your listing may be bumped down.

Be aware that multiple use of the same terms amounts to keyword stuffing and gets penalized instead of better results.

Check to see whether your categories being used as search words brings up your listing in the search results. If not experiment with other categories.

Rama | SEO Master Trainer

Also use Google Analytics and your Google Places dashboard to see whether your listings are bringing you any traffic.

If not you can again modify your categories.

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3. Google places: Address

Use an email with your company domain name rather than a generic one e.g.

Your business name must be the same as in your incorporation documents. The street address also must be accurate. Any mail box or suite number should appear only in the 2nd line if you cannot avoid it.

Your business name and address must appear in exactly the same format in all directories it is used. Google uses various Internet listings also to verify your information.

Add your company’s main website for this listing. If you have multiple websites for different products it would be best to use a brief summary website for this listing.

Edgie | Team SEO

This website can have links to your other ones.

It is preferable to use a land line for your address rather than a mobile number. Again this is used for verification.

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4. Google places: Service areas

If you have multiple locations you can add them in your service area using city and state or zip codes.

However if you have multiple departments with their own addresses you could create separate listings.

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5. Google places: Eligibility

  • Your business should make in person customer contact e.g. a purely online business would not be eligible
  • Your business should have started functioning
  • This listings are allowed for business owners only
Finnie | Team SEO

Note that for any promotions or special offers, the terms and conditions must be clearly stated and visible on your site.

If it isn’t your listing may be deleted.

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