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Advantages of mobile marketing

With in excess of 95% of writings read and telephone calls answered by recipients, the client relationship industry has discovered one of the most brave and smartest new systems for engaging with customers: mobile marketing.

This open rate outperforms both email marketing (around 10-20% open rate, depending on the industry) and direct mail flyers. SMS text marketing also leads in conversion rates at 8.2%, with both email and direct mail conversion rates each staying at around 1.7%.

In 2013, SMS marketing study looking at the efficacy of mobile marketing, found that mobile marketing can increase conversions of leads by 112% over the average conversion rates, but only when contacting the leads via mobile marketing with text messages after initial phone contact had been made with them.

When marketing to customers both before and after prior contact had been made, conversion rates increased 19.6% above average. However, conversion rates actually dropped 4.8% below average when text messages had been sent only before phone contact.

These detail speak about huge potential for further engagement stategies once contact has been started, especially since less than 1% of contacted prospects are currently being sent text messages after initial contact.

The reasons for higher open and conversion rates in mobile marketing have to do with several elements. Keep the following points in mind when deciding where to spend your time and energy in marketing products or services


1. Instant results

Users always carry their mobile phones with them. Most of the time, the user has his mobile phone on as well, which means, he or she receives the message at the very moment it is sent. Even if it is in standby mode, the message is received as soon as the user turns on his mobile device. Hence, mobile marketing techniques are always almost instant.

2. Easy to work with

Drawing out content for mobile devices, whether it is text, images or video, is simpler and less expensive as compared with the same for desktops or laptops.

The mobile medium also makes easier to issue promotions and marketing incentive services to the user. Further, the user can keep the virtual information with him and carry it around till the time he needs to use it.

3. Convenient to use

Since the screen size of a mobile phone is small, it limits the scope of content that can be displayed. This makes it convenient for the creators of the content, who can keep it basic and simple. Also, simpler content will adapt itself better to various mobile platforms.

4. Direct marketing

The mobile platform interacts directly with users on their mobile phones. This allows for personalized interaction to a large extent. Using this benefit, marketers can even start a direct dialogue with the user, getting instant feedback via SMS.

5. Tracking user response

User response can be tracked almost instantaneously. This helps the mobile marketer better understand and analyze user behaviour, thus improving their own standards of service.

6. Huge viral potential

Since mobile content can be easily shared among users, mobile marketing can have huge viral benefits. Users invariably share good information and offers with their friends and family, so companies get a lot more exposure with no extra effort.

7. Mass communication made easy

Since a lot more people own mobile phones than desktops or laptops, mobile marketing helps the marketer reach a far wider and diverse audience, especially in the more remote regions of the world. Mobile marketing also gives the entrepreneur the advantage of geo-location and sending location-specific messages to users, using GPS and Bluetooth technology.

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