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Search Engine Optimization | 5 Elements Of Doing SEO

Search Engine Optimization: Below are the 5 essential aspects for successfully generating business from your website

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Search engine optimization is not just about having your page recognized and indexed by Search Engines. It will also help you to convert visitors to your page into leads.

Search Engine Optimization: 5 Elements of SEO


1. Search engine optimization: Quick loading time

Everyone wants quick service. You find the level of irritation increasing if you need to wait for service whether it is in restaurants or for customer care, shopping centers or in hotels.

The same is true for the loading time of a web page.

Chances are, if you have many videos and large pictures on your website server, your website may take 30 seconds or more to load.

This is also true for various web design software. Be aware that visitors will not wait patiently. They will just go to another site to fulfill their information needs.

When adding photos and videos, make sure to check the file size first, and to check whether or not these will cause a delay in your site loading time.

Flash is also known to increase loading times.

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2. Search engine optimization: Content

People go to the Internet for information. Even if they want to buy a product or service eventually, they search for information first. Search Engines are geared to read and analyze text. Not pictures and not videos. So far.


So text content is king. Create and add 350 to 500 word pages focused on the topic of your website. To have the Search Engines visit your site regularly set up a weekly schedule to add your pages. This will let the Search Engines know that there will always be something new.

To make your pictures and videos readable by the SEs, you need to optimize them with text.

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3. Search engine optimization: Increase visitor time on your site

The average amount of time a visitor spends on a decent page is between 30 and 40 seconds.

Then they may go to another site. If they do this then all your work to bring the visitor to your site has gone down the drain.

A good starting point is clearly focused content. With in depth knowledge and easy to read formatting.

A website owner’s goal is generally to have the visitor convert into a lead or a sale.

Once you have defined your objective for the page your call to action will reflect that.

Clear calls to action will also increase the conversion rates.

Also providing relevant links to other pages on your site may induce the visitor to stay on your site longer. This will most certainly increase your chances of conversion.

4. Search engine optimization: Layout

What is it that you want to convey to the visitor?

Starting with the headline, make sure that the rest of your page is consistent. The content of the page must fulfill the headline’s promise.

Plenty of research has been done on eye movement. Broadly speaking, a person’s eyes travel to the top of a page first, then down the right side, into the center and to the left. So your most important information should follow accordingly.

Also the portion of the page that is visible when it is opened needs to be engaging enough to induce the visitor to scroll down.

You can check out the studies that have linked different colors to different businesses. Some colors definitely turn off the viewer.

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5. Search engine optimization: Market your website

Once your website is complete traffic will start growing as your marketing efforts take root. Below are some of the ways you can do this.

  • Sharing through social media
  • Writing and marketing your articles that refer to your website
  • Creating and promoting videos pointing back to your site
  • Becoming a guest writer on complimentary blogs and relevant forums
  • Participating in news releases and media interviews
  • Getting your site listed in various relevant directories
  • Entering into joint venture arrangements with accomplished Internet marketeers
  • Advertising both online and offline

All this assumes that you have diligently identified your key phrases.

Yes this is a lot of hard work. Does it pay off? Absolutely!

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