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SEO Techniques | 8 High Impact Back Link Strategies

SEO techniques: Use forums, eHow & wiki, useful content, add to Squidoo, sites & blogs, competitor backlink analysis


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SEO techniques: Back links are the fundamental basis of how Google Search Engine Rankings were born and continues to play an important role in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) Rankings.

You will have read about lots of ways to get back links to your pages. Some are easy, but may have lower value.

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Search Engines emphasize votes of support (back links) to your web pages as an important way to determine SERP rank.

So high value back links are deemed to be strong votes of support. And are more valuable than plain numbers.

Your first page SERP competitors will all be doing similar things to achieve back links. So how can you differentiate yourself from them?

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SEO techniques: 8 high impact back links


1. SEO techniques: Themed forums

Find forums that discuss the same niche topic as your website. This will make it easier for you to comment and raise questions about the same issues you have on your site.

One way you can find themed forums for your site would be to search for ‘forums+keyword’ of your site.

Many forums will not allow back links from your posts. However some will. And some will allow back links from your profile on that forum. So make sure that your profile is complete with the appropriate website URL you want to link back to.

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2. SEO techniques: Create eHow articles

eHow articles are a great place to get high value links. However make sure that you write original content for them or they may not be accepted.

Also build your complete profile to increase credibility.


3. SEO techniques: Create wiki

Creating a wiki will allow you to get not only high value back links but will also bring you traffic.

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Again you need original content that has not been duplicated on your site or else where on the Internet. As you will have noticed content creation is the main strength you need to get yourself noticed and ranked by the Search Engines.

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4. SEO techniques: Comment on blogs

Guest blogging is another lasting but time consuming way of getting high value back links.

Sometimes you can write content for another blog in return for well written content on yours. Be careful to choose blogs that relate your business or your area of passion. You will have more to say and it will be easier to do.

Chances are that if it is easier for you to do you will get it done.


5. SEO techniques: Good content

Is your content useful to the reader? This is one of the prime tests your content should take. This is also the question Search Engines ask.

Ask yourself whether the reader benefits from your information. Whether your information can be acted upon. Whether it enhances the reader’s life in some way.

As you can see honing your writing skills is a must. If you don’t like writing perhaps you can find a way to create a recording of your thoughts and have it transcribed. Edit the transcription before posting it.

This is cheaper than paying for good quality content.


6. SEO techniques: Find sites that will accept content from you

There are hundreds of sites that will accept content from you. One way to find these sites is to search on Google using

Keyword phrase+add url Keyword phrase+add site Keyword phrase+add website One way you can select 10 sites to add your content to would be to check their PageRank and whether they allow back links.

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After adding your site to the 10 you have selected, use Majestic SEO or to find out whether your website is receiving links from them. If not you can go back and choose another 10.

Note that local search is not as competitive as global search. So to avoid unnecessary work you may want to look at your competitors ranking first. Remember that all SERP rankings are relative to your competitors’ pages.

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7. SEO techniques: Squidoo

Squidoo lenses are extremely powerful. Building one however requires dedication and fresh content. So you always have the dilemma of whether to put it on your website or on Squidoo.

Either way you will benefit from links and traffic.

One way you can find Squidoo lenses where you can add a link and information relating to your key phrase is as below. This is for the keyword SEO and you can substitute your own in it.

Type this in Google search to get a relevant list of lenses you can choose from:


8. SEO techniques: Competitors back links

You only need to be better than your competitors. There is no absolute best result.

As your competitors become better you need to improve as well. So keeping an eye and bench marking with your top 5 SERP competitors is a good way to focus on exactly what you need to do.

Keep track of their rankings and their back links. A good tool is SEO Recon in combination with Majestic SEO.

If your rankings are not rising look at where your top 5 competitors are getting their links. Perhaps you too can get your back links the same way.

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