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SEO Content Writing| 9 Steps To Creating Effective Content

SEO content writing: Effective content gives relevant information to visitors and guides them to do what you would like them to do

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SEO content writing: Your content is more important than you think. If you’re giving information about your own products on the web, or promoting affiliate products, then you need to produce compelling content.

A professional looking web site is a very important part of developing a profitable Internet business. However, your content is just as if not more important and will play a major role in your success.

The key to writing effective content is giving focused information about the topic in your title. You must use your own ‘voice’ and convey the sense of excitement that you feel for the subject.

Emotional benefits of what you are conveying are not always apparent to the visitor who comes to your page. They may seem obvious to you but not to them.

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SEO content writing: 9 steps

1. SEO content writing: Reader focused

Write reader focused content that will resonate with humans. Provide useful information. Remember that humans buy not search engines. Replace words like: we, our, ours, we have, we can, my, I, we’re the best, our guarantee and the company by you and yours.

2. SEO content writing: Targeted niche

Billions of pages exist on the web. You can find information about anything. Chances are that you are knowledgeable about a particular niche of a wider topic.

Rama | SEO Master Trainer

Write about this niche. Your passion will come through and your writing will flow automatically.

This will also make it easier for your page to be found as there are fewer competitors for niches.

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3. SEO content writing: Title and description

The first thing a potential visitor sees is your title and description as they appear in the search results. If they are compelling your potential visitor will click on your link to visit your page. So it is important that the content on the page expands on the promise of the title and description to avoid disappointing the reader.

4. SEO content writing: Formatting with points

It will be easier for the reader if the information is broken up into points. If you are writing persuasive copy then a list of at least 20 benefits of your product or service would be in order. In either case content that is easier to read is not enough.

It should be easy to see as well. Not everyone reads all the details. First they glance through the page and expect to understand broadly what the page is about. Only if it interests them will they read it in greater depth.

5. SEO content writing: No need to fill up space

Edgie | Team Member

Lengthy introductions are counter productive. Visitors want to read content focused on your title and get to it quickly.

Yes you need at least 350 words. If you don’t have the information that consists of more than 350 words, either research and get more information or find another topic.

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6. SEO content writing: Be clear about your objective for the page

Do you want a company brochure on the web? Or do you want to use your website to sell something? People go to the internet initially for information. It is only after they find enough of it are they ready to make a decision.

Company brochures on the web work as website addresses on business cards since you are the one who does the face to face selling. So as you can imagine the kind of information you need to provide the visitor when face to face interaction is not possible or desirable.

Remember that this is all that the reader has available to him or her to make a decision. Think about what you can say and do that will convert your visitor merely by browsing through your site.

7. SEO content writing: Call to action

Remember that every page you create has an objective. Ask yourself what you would like the reader to do after he or she has read your page? You may want your visitor to go to another page, contact you, give you their contact details or even buy something from you. Whatever it is, you need to make it very clear or no action will be taken.

8. SEO content writing: Testimonials How does your visitor know that you are real? That you may be trust worthy? Any one can have a good looking website. And good sounding testimonials.

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To make testimonials work for you information about the person giving the testimonial should be detailed.

It would be great if their website link is also included to add authenticity.

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9. SEO content writing: Guarantees Remember the use of confidence builders. Offer some type of guarantee and make clear what it is. Many payment gateways require it. Visitors should be able to find the guarantee and understand it easily.

Work on writing your web content to better convey useful, high value information that is of genuine interest to your readers. As the search engine algorithms become better at rating content you will find that your content starts to rank higher.

Spend time your time building useful pages that satisfy the reason why your customers are searching the web in the first place and reap the benefits of having rich content that will stand the test of time.

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