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7 Best Practices For Writing SEO Content Easily

SEO content: LSI benefit, 500 words, break up into 4, avoid sales, format, title & description, filter in

Writing content comes easy to many people. But others find it very difficult. Unfortunately, the web depends on content. Text is of primary importance. It can be optimized and searched for.

Search Engine algorithms can now ‘read’ and evaluate text using Latent Semantic Indexing [LSI].

They look at words and phrases all through the text and compare it with pages they have in their data bases. This allows them to see how in-depth and relevant your page is when compared to others. Which helps the Search Engines (SEs) in ranking your page.

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Remember, they want to serve up the most relevant page to the Search Query.

All this is particularly good for you, once you understand it.

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7 ways to write SEO content easily:

1. SEO content: 500 – 800 words

A good article should have 500 to 800 words. Some may have less than 500, but you shouldn’t.

Make sure that you are providing good, focused information. Remember that people visit the World Wide Web for information. So give good information.

It doesn’t matter if others have given similar information.

The information in your voice is what is important. This means you can confidently present your conclusions. And your view point on the information.

2. SEO content: Make it easy for yourself

Decide on the topic you want to write about. Ideally it should be based on the key phrases you have chosen.

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If not, Google will decide the focus of your content for you.

You may lose out a little, but it may also bring new ideas of what type of content you should write next.

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3. SEO content: Break-up the article into 4 sections

  • Introduction
  • Summary of what your article includes
  • 3 to 5 points you are going to make with about 150 words per point
  • Conclusion if you have any

4. SEO content: Avoid any sales pitch

Think of how you use the internet. When you first go to Google or Bing, you want information on something. You may not want to buy anything yet.

Even if you are looking to buy a product or service, you want to first learn more about it.

Similarly, when you write content focus on giving information. Not why your product or service is better.

There will be other opportunities to convert a visitor into sales.

5. SEO content: Formatting your content

Think of the type of web pages you find easy to read. Generally a visitor scans the page quickly. If something catches their eyes, they go back and read it.

So your web page should be formatted cleanly. Large headings. Slightly smaller sub-headings. Plenty of white space that breaks up paragraphs.

Everyone has grown up reading black letters on a white background. So don’t play with colored backgrounds.

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Visitors to your web page will just leave for a competitor’s page if it is difficult to read, or not engaging enough.

Your bounce rates will be high.

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6. SEO content: Title and Description

The Title of your page is what will also be used in the Search Results. As will the description.

So make your title around 70 characters. Include what the page is about, the benefits of reading the page, and a trigger word or phrase to encourage people to do so.

The description of your page is like the summary. It tells your visitor whether the content is what they are in fact looking for.

You don’t want to waste their time coming to the page and then discovering that you are not giving them what they want.

A very important way to keep your page visitor engaged is to ensure that the content of your page delivers what your Title & Description promises.

This will keep your bounce rates down. You can also improve on them based on your click through rates.

7. SEO content: Filter in your target market

Assuming that you are producing content as a prelude to sales, content in your own voice is priceless.

Your voice, your colors and your formatting are the first contact the visitor has with you.

Once you have the visitor on your site, you are doing all the things mentioned above to keep them engaged. However, the prize is the conversion.

Whether it is signing up for a newsletter or contacting you.

Who do you think will convert faster to your product or service? Those with whom ‘you’ – your voice, your colors, and your layout – resonated, naturally.

Writing content is easy once you know what to do. You already know the topic because it is your business. And you can use your voice to filter in those who want to do business with you.

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