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SEO Blog | 8 Reasons Why Blogging Brings You More Traffic

SEO blog: Greater visibility, long tail keywords, fresh and quality content, can be shared on social media, more links, RSS and trackbacks combine to increase traffic


Please invest 1 minutes of your time to watch the SEO blog video below. It spells out how you can benefit. Or if you prefer to read, then feel free to skip the video and go straight to the text below:

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SEO blog: The key to SEO from blogging is, well thought out and written content. The Internet is an information medium, and Google with its Panda and Penguin updates has clearly emphasized that.

SEO blog: Here are 8 reasons why blogging is serious business and brings you more traffic:


1. SEO blog: Greater visibility

Generally, individuals write content. Not companies. When people are reading they are also interested in knowing who wrote the piece. That’s just normal. That’s why you have bylines in newspapers, news anchors, individual authors and even magazine articles.

Edgie | Team Member

When you write on your blog your name can appear as a byline. As your content increases and goes up in quality, gradually you will become the expert.

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2. SEO blog: Long tail keywords get more traffic to any site

When we do rigorous keyword research and get all hung up in the number of searches and KEI factors, we some times lose sight of the fact that almost 40% of traffic to any site comes from long tail keywords. Much from key phrases the site pages are not even optimized for!

Why? We need to remember that the Search Engines throw up the most relevant content to any given search. And your content maybe relevant – in the eyes of the SE, to more than one key phrase.

Also it is important to note that people searching using long tail key phrases are closer to their decision points and hence more likely to fulfill your call to action.


3. SEO blog: Fresh content gets the search engines to see the blog

Search Engines are always hungry for new, good quality content. They know that by definition, blogs are updated more often than static websites. So they frequent blogs more.

Manuraj | Team Member

When you add content, you can time it so that your pages get published every few days. Instead of being published all at one time. This will reinforce you’re the blog’s record of fresh content and keep the SE spiders coming back often.

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4. SEO blog: Quality content

Google Panda has changed the content landscape forever. When you write on a blog, you are mostly yourself. Teams of advertising copywriters do not edit your content.

The tone of the article is mostly your own. And what you write about has your voice, and your uniqueness. It comes from your knowledge and how you think about that particular topic. This is precisely what readers and SEs want. These qualities are what make your voice unique.


5. SEO blog: Can be easily shared on social media

So-called static websites, in most instances are designed to be brochures on the web. Everyone in the company has a view on what they should look like. Friends and relatives become the judges of whether they look good. Even though the design conflicts with SEO practices.

Blogs generally will not have these restrictions. They will allow user based content in the form of comments. They will have long text – the essential diet of Search Engines. They will have lots of ‘sharing’ buttons for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other Social Media.


6. SEO blog: Gets more links

After Google Panda, there came Google Penguin. Penguin focuses on the other aspect of how your page is ranked by Google. I.e. How many sites and of what type, are referring to your page. This update deals with the quality of in coming links that your page has.

The content of a blog is more likely to be picked up and linked to because it is more likely to be fresh, interesting and unique.

Team Member

If you are really interested in your subject, your enthusiasm comes through. As does your depth of knowledge. Emotion is what gets people excited and they share your article to friends. This brings you more links.

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7. SEO blog: RSS possibilities increase

RSS allows others to signup for new content on your site as soon as it is posted. The link goes immediately to their inbox and they can access your new content with a click.

Again this is more likely to happen in a blog, because for design considerations, your static website may not be allowed to have a RSS button prominently.

When others visit your page you get more traffic. And if you are lucky enough to have someone use the RSS feed on their site, you get an increase in genuine, Penguin approved links.


8. SEO blog: Trackbacks & comments

When someone posts a comment on your page or site, they increase content. When this is done frequently, you have ‘fresh’ content so your page gets spidered more often, getting you a higher ranking.

When you post a comment on someone else’s blog, and they allow trackbacks, you can post links back to your site! Of course this only works if your comments are genuine and add value to the other person’s blog. With reciprocity in mind, you also need to allow trackbacks. Absolutely, don’t allow comments that are not suitable to your page.

But yes, if you can get comments and trackbacks going, they will bring in more links and more traffic.

The technical difference between blogs and static websites is that blogs have time stamps of when the content was posted. This is excellent for you if can keep posting content.

However, in the way blogs have been accepted, ‘static’ websites have become more like advertising brochures on the web! And the ways blogs are accepted, responds more closely to SEO requirements.

Why can’t we have the best of both?

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