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SEO Optimization | 7 Must Know Things About PageRank

SEO optimization: PageRank, what it does, back links, measurement, content & crawl frequency. SEO ranking factors


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SEO Optimization: Do you also want to have your site crawled often and achieve better search results?

Google now uses around 200 factors to evaluate and rank your web page. Back links to it are deemed to be votes of support of your page and play an important role both in its ranking and how often it gets crawled.

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SEO Optimization: 7 things you should know about page rank and crawling frequency

1. SEO Optimization: PageRank

PageRank is a link analysis algorithm that Larry Page, one of the founders of Google co-authored in 1996. This was an attempt to rank the rapidly growing content on the web. And make it easier for Search Engines to decide which web pages to deliver and in which order when a search query was made.

PageRank was named after Larry Page. Robert Li, another researcher, around the same time was working on related concepts. He later went on to found Baidu, the largest Search Engine in China.

2. SEO Optimization: What does PageRank do

If you start a search, you will land up on several pages, and finally you will stop. PageRank determines the likelihood of your landing on that web page.

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It analyzes all links coming to your page assuming that you will reach that page following links.

You can check the PageRank of your individual web pages by using the PageRank checker or the Google Toolbar.

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3. SEO Optimization: The importance of back links

While PageRank is one of the 200 factors used to evaluate your page, votes of support by way of incoming links continues to be very important.

Penguin updates have focused laser-like on the type of back links your page is getting.

Paid links and links from link farms are not viewed as votes of support. Links from high authority sites e.g. unpaid directories, .gov and .org sites, and other sites with high PageRank related to your industry give you the best benefits.

4. SEO Optimization: Iteration in calculation

Your web pages PageRank is calculated based on the PageRank of other pages. So this is an iterative process. Google re-calculates the PageRank every time it crawls the web to re-build its index.

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As more web pages are added the initial PR for each page decreases and then increases over time.

The probability of a person continuing his search is known as the damping factor and is generally set at 0.85.

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5. SEO Optimization: Measurement

PageRank is displayed to you after normalization on a scale of 1 to 10. Where 10 is the highest. The number is assigned to the web page and not the entire web site.

You can increase your PageRank by increasing the back links coming to your site.

Various ways including participating regularly on relevant forums, becoming a guest writer on authoritative sites and having your site included in the open directory project can be used by you.

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6. SEO Optimization: Quality content

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Writing focused in-depth content on specific topics is your best bet to continuously improve your rankings.If people find your content worth reading they will naturally want to refer to your web page. This is the best kind of link.

The Internet is an information medium and good information is rewarded.

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7. SEO Optimization: Crawling your site

As you add back links to your site you will naturally be eager to see how it affects the ranking of your page.

Google crawls small sites every 2 to 3 weeks and authoritative sites e.g. every few minutes. Many factors affect this frequency.

If your site has hundreds of pages, is updated often, is easy to crawl and gets a lot of traffic Google comes more often.

You can also ask Google to crawl your site. This is advisable if you have recently re-designed your site or taken care of Panda and Penguin issues.

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