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SEO service: SEO isn’t simple but why do SEO? Make it part of strategy & mindset. Range of costs


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SEO service: It is not a one time cost. It is a process and an investment in terms of your time and money. SEO of your online presence is part of your overall business strategy. Research and planning are critical components of it.

You may be tempted in to thinking that SEO doesn’t cost much. And that great results are possible merely by appointing an SEO consultant. This is not so and your active involvement is essential to make it work well.

However SEO when implemented effectively will give you the best return on your investment across all other marketing allocations.

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1. SEO service: SEO isn’t simple

SEO isn’t simple or easy. Google itself evaluates web pages based on over 200 ranking criteria. It keeps tweaking its algorithm constantly, up to 600 times in a year.

So if an ‘expert’ looks at your site and quotes you a fixed price for SEO, be very skeptical. Yes, they may fix some obvious weaknesses, and help with other easy issues. Long lasting SEO is more than that.

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That’s why a good SEO consultant won’t give you an unprepared estimate, but instead will discuss with you a monthly price.

Everything depends upon your goals and targets, the nature of your business, your audience, and more.

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2. SEO service: Why hire?

Every SEO consultant will tell you not to focus on the cost but the benefits. To a large extent this is true.

SEO plays a role in impacting various other factors of your business such as the cost per acquisition of a client, profit per sale, conversion rate of prospect to client and others.

A cheap SEO service may save you some money upfront but you won’t earn much from it either. Its more likely that you will feel disillusioned by the promise of SEO.

So ask yourself these critical questions first:

  • Why do you even want an SEO consultant?
  • Are you merely thinking of SEO because your friends are doing it?
  • Are you looking for SEO help because someone in your marketing department wants to try it?
  • Or do you seriously want to use SEO as a part of your business strategy to lower marketing costs?


3. SEO service: Who should be in charge?

Effective SEO shouldn’t be left to the website developer or even the SEO consultant.

If you are a business owner then you should be actively involved. If not, then your SEO project must be owned by the marketing department.

Edgie | Team Member

SEO involves discovering opportunities for leveraging the strengths of the online world to help you meet your goals and targets. So you need a business mindset with technical understanding.

Trust between the business or project owner and the SEO team helps keep SEO efforts aligned with the business’ objectives.

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4. SEO service: Mindset

Where is the highest profit lying hidden? Where should we focus SEO efforts to reach business goals set strategically for the long term? Keep in mind that your website can be your best salesman.

A part of the problem that prevents business owners from understanding and leveraging SEO is the jargon. And the aversion to technical issues.

Team SEO

However SEO is simply a method of getting search engines to recognize, value and retrieve your web pages when your prospective clients are seeking for the types of products or services you offer.

Wouldn’t you like to be able to do that?

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5. SEO service: Price range

Good SEO consultants will charge monthly rates for one year contracts.

In the US most monthly rates start at US$ 2,500 going up to US$ 10,000. In Dubai starting rates would be a little lower and hourly rates could be between US$ 100 to US$ 500.

In most cases you would be able to opt out of the annual contracts at any time you were not satisfied with the results.

To get a better idea of what SEO can do for you, you could sign up to receive free SEO tips or even attend a beginners SEO workshop.

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