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SEO Tips | 8 Steps To Make Your Visitors Act

SEO tips: Compelling headline, credibility factors, social proof, page summary, call to actions, risk reduction and benefits help your visitors act


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SEO tips: Most visitors spend less than 30 seconds on a page. As you know this is too little to bring about a decision in your favor.

The first thing you need to do is to find ways to give enough information. The visitor’s first glance must show him or her what they broadly want to know. While also creating a desire to look for further information on your page or site.


Remember that you finally want them to respond to your Call To Action (CTA).

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SEO tips: 8 steps you can take


1. SEO tips: Headline

Headlines are the first thing that the visitor sees. It helps if it is also in your Meta Title. A good headline should consists of your offering, a key benefit and a trigger phrase that leads to action.

Many wordsmiths are paid thousands of dollars to devise the headline. For if the visitor doesn’t find it interesting he or she may not scroll down to read the rest of your content.

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2. SEO tips: Credibility factors-awards, logos

Your only tool to engage your visitor is via your website. And it is also your only mechanism to build trust so that your CTA is acted upon.

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Images of any awards, press mentions and logos of client companies go a long way towards keeping the visitor perusing your page a bit longer. This doesn’t necessarily build trust immediately.

However it does reduce the risk of spontaneous rejection.

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3. SEO tips: Testimonials and comments

Your visitor may like what you are conveying and may also find your content interesting. But a pressing question will pop up in their mind about whether anyone else has also tried your product or service. Or has acted upon your call to action.

Testimonials from satisfied clients help in this. It gives you social proof. But testimonials should be real and if possible contain links back to the client’s websites if they have any.

Comments on your page also help in validating your site. Encourage them. You can always set your page so that comments have to be approved by you before they are published. Apart from credibility these comments may also generate leads.

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4. SEO tips: Page summary

Your visitor needs to be sufficiently stimulated by the content above the fold before you can induce him or her to scroll down your page.

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Most people want to know what the page is about before they commit their time to read it. A summary of the page’s content right at the top of the page is useful.

Much in the same way that you read book blurbs before you buy them.

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5. SEO tips: Call To Actions

CTAs are indispensable if you want the visitor to do something once they have reached your page.

To have a compelling call to action your objective must be clear. Ask yourself what you want your visitor to do? It could be to

  • Go to another page
  • Fill out their details and get information
  • Buy your product
  • Watch a video
  • Write a comment
  • Contact you

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6. SEO tips: Risk reduction

Your visitors must feel that there is little or acceptable risk in their acting on your CTA.

This can be done by displaying your prices clearly upfront and offering a guarantee.

Some of you may feel that prices should be disclosed only after your visitor is part way converted. But imagine their disgust if after spending time reading they discover that the price is too high for them. Also displayed prices give them a feeling that you won’t change them once they commit.

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Guarantees also reduce perceived risk of action. And support your claims.

Many payment gateways also have a requirement of having it displayed prominently on your site.

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7. SEO tips: How to do this

Visitors generally need to know what you want them to do once they are on your site and how to do this. So state it clearly even though you may think it is self evident. Also explain what they should expect to get upon taking action.


8. SEO tips: Benefits

Yes, we all want to harp about the features of our product or service and how much better it is from competing ones.

But this is of only passing interest to potential clients. They want to know how it will benefit them. So put aside your natural inclination to highlight features. Include at least 15 benefits that your visitor will get on responding to your call to action.


Above are some points that will help you to keep your visitor long enough to act. Other measures include short videos and surveys.

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