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SEO Training Dubai | 3 Things You Must Know Before Choosing

SEO training Dubai: Make your SEO training pay off. Learn the importance of content, how to use social media and how SEs work.


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SEO Training Dubai is only valuable when you learn practical skills that start paying dividends immediately. Companies pay tens of thousands of dollars to “leading” SEO firms only to learn that it’s nothing but theory. That’s great if you want to be trendy, but this doesn’t necessarily give you greater business from your web site.

Are you looking for SEO training that produces real results? Search Engine Academy workshops have proven time and again that you too can learn the most beneficial SEO techniques that deliver results regardless of background or previous knowledge of search engine optimization.

Perhaps, you too are looking for a SEO training course in Dubai which equips you to get immediate results?

Rama | SEO Master Trainer

John Alexander, Michael Marshall, Nancy Wigal, Thomas Petty and others of the Search Engine Academy are all SEO experts in their own right with years of experience.

Grab free seo training Dubai tips by entering your details in the box on the right!

They have produced and delivered top search results for various clients. For the last 10 years they have jointly developed a training curriculum along with an online test that enables you to learn skills. Not just gain knowledge. You can walk out and start implementing. This is the curriculum that is now available to you right here in Dubai.


1. SEO training Dubai: What can you do with SEO?

A question you may raise is “What good is SEO when I’m already ranked number one?”

In response, think about, “What are you ranked #1 for?” If it’s the name of your company than you’ll not be getting very much traffic. Small to medium-sized businesses need to achieve high organic rankings for the terms prospective customers are searching on – which generally isn’t your company name!

Did you know that more than 54% of prospective visitors click on the first three search engine results? Nearly 90% of all search engine traffic comes from the first page of search results. If you want traffic to your website then you need to focus on improving ranking in the search results.

Where is your market? Geographically? You may also want to look at local search optimization.

Alternatively, You can spend tens of thousands of dollars each month buying traffic through online ads. However this traffic generally stops when you stop spending the money.

Team SEO

But the choice between search engine optimization and ads also depends on the nature of the product, special offers and seasonality factors.

And SEO is not cheap either.

Wouldn’t it be great if your business could get leads every week, from your web presence?

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2. SEO training Dubai: Learn SEO methods that guarantee results

It used to be fairly straight forward to do SEO. You could work with a checklist. Do key word stuffing. Have multiple domain names and sites for the same content to increase your chances for higher rankings. Tie up with link farms to exchange links. And get ranked high in the search results.

Not any more. Search Engines have become better at understanding the text. Understanding the relationship between the title and the rest of the content and whether the latter follows the promise that the Title makes.

Whether the words used on the page relate to the same subject? Whether the content is duplicate? What is the quality of the sites that are recommending this page?

Manuraj | Team SEO

Yes, you don’t have to be a guru to be an SEO expert. But you certainly need to know what it is and how it works.

Especially if you want to use it to generate business from you web presence.

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3. SEO training Dubai: Search Engine Academy workshops

It’s always a good idea to have a general understanding of certain principles before you start down a path, but 90% of your focus should be on practical skills you can implement, that generate results.

The Search Engine Academy workshops focus on getting results. This includes:

  • Search engine processes and staying out of trouble
  • Monitoring your visibility on the web
  • Advanced keyword search and how to select them for maximum gain
  • Understanding the influences of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) on search engine results
  • Writing creatively and the importance of content that demands to be shared
  • Duplicate content and its seriousness
  • How to get effective incoming links to your page and the importance of outgoing links

You will also be required to do an international online test to see whether you have gained the knowledge and skills required for implementation.

And you get a 6 session 6 month mentoring program included in the cost!

Grab free seo training Dubai tips by entering your details in the box on the right!

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