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Video SEO | 7 Tips To Optimize Your Video For Search

Video SEO: For website visitors, pages with videos are absolutely more captivating than ones which only have long paragraphs of text. Google thinks so too and so ranks pages with video, very well


Please invest 2 minutes of your time to watch the video SEO video below. It spells out how you can benefit. Or if you prefer to read, then feel free to skip the video and go straight to the text below:

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First decide on your objectives.

Do you want to have a viral video or one that gives you links?

What do you want to convey?

Rama | SEO Master Trainer

What do you want the viewer to do next? How should they do it?

Search engine optimization of a video depends on which web location you want the video to rank in. As in your website page or as a video independently. So far you can have both.

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Video SEO: Here are 7 tips to optimize your video and to generate traffic


1. Video SEO: Title

An effective title is one that contains the key phrase, a trigger phrase that encourages action, and a benefit phrase that resonates with the viewer. Of course you will want Google and YouTube to rank your video well, but as they say only humans buy, not search engines.

a. Title same as content: There is a tendency to make the title attractive in the hope that once people reach the video they will watch it and then engage with you. But please, if the title doesn’t deliver the content it promises people come away feeling cheated…

b. Current topic: Another way to gain traffic is to have content that is topical. Or your topic in some way can be linked to trending topics that can be found on Google Insights.


2. Video SEO: Key phrase search

Let me clarify here that Key phrases are not phrases the site owner comes up with about their business. These are phrases that a potential customer uses to search for the business owner’s products or services.

Edgie Pascua | Team Member

And yes this can be done quite easily and effectively. Selection of the ‘best’ key phrases to use is critical to a video, to be well watched by the target market.

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3. Video SEO: Video sitemap

As the number of videos on the Internet has increased, Search Engines need to spend a lot of time locating them all. Just as Sitemaps on websites have become important, so too have Video Sitemaps. This helps Google or the other Search Engines to find all the videos on your site easily.


4. Video SEO: Video transcript

Google doesn’t read videos – so far. So the only way it has of knowing what the video is about is based on the text surrounding it. An easy way to create text for the video page is to add a transcript of the video. Then just go ahead and SEO the text.


5. Video SEO: Allow comments

User generated comments are great in many ways. They allow interaction and engaging with your video.

Finnie Samuel | Team Member

You may get a lead. You may build a following. And it increases the content you have on the page. By the way, you can control what goes on the page by keeping the right to approval…

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6. Video SEO: Visually appeal to your viewers

The page layout, the video player, how quickly it loads are all important

a. One video per page: Present your video prominently above the fold if possible. Have text that compels the visitor to view the video. Add a search engine optimized transcript for both the visitors and for Google.

b. Choose the thumbnail image to make it eye catching: You have a choice of which one to use from the frames of the video. Naturally you want something that shouts: ‘view me’

c. Quick opening: The loading time for the video depends upon the visitor’s Internet connection speed and the speed of the server you video is hosted on. Hosting it on your site is a good idea only if your server is ultra fast with massive capacity. Otherwise host it on a free site like YouTube or on the many paid services e.g. vimeo pro.


7. Video SEO: Getting links out of your video

One major objective for videos is to get links out of your video to your website.

a. Video links: it is better to link to the video itself than the video channel as the specific video and its text could be relevant to the page you are embedding it to. So SEO of the page would be more effective.

b. Distribute the video: There are many tools to distribute your video. I use Traffic Geyser.

c. Complete profile: A key element to all this is first to ensure that your own video profile is completely filled out and optimized in the areas provided by your hosting service or traffic geyser.

d. Linking Text: Usually, when someone embeds your video on their website, you get a link back to your video hosting site. If you want the link to be to your web page or blog see if you can change the embed code to include your web page URL.


i. This is the embed code that YouTube gives you: <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

ii. You should edit the embed code that you give your users so that it includes a link back to your site:

iii. <center><p><iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe><br /> Video by <a href=””>Yourwebpagename</a></p></center>

Videos are fun to make and to watch. They are more interesting than just reading, for many people. So get to it. Leverage your videos to bring you business.

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