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What is SEO | 5 Actions To Rank Above Your Competition

What is SEO: Content relevance, key phrase search, page optimization, getting recommendations & conversion

It is important for business owners, web professionals and students in the web field to know clearly the impact that SEO can make on their business

Please invest 3 minutes of your time to watch the what is SEO video below. It spells out how you can benefit. Or if you prefer to read, then feel free to skip the video and go straight to the text below:

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There is plenty of information about SEO and we are giving below 5 techniques that can help you move forward immediately.

Search Engine Optimization is really the art and science of understanding how search engines evaluate a web page. The objective is to serve up the web page that is most relevant to the search query.

What is SEO: 5 effective techniques used in SEO

1. What is SEO: Relevance

Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others continue to make all efforts to understand what information the searcher is looking for, when they search using words in their search boxes.

Rama | SEO Master Trainer

The 2 overriding principles are:

  • Appropriate text in both quantity and quality
  • Whether the page has been recommended by others

Learn what is SEO by grabbing free how to SEO tips by entering your details in the box on the right

2. What is SEO: Key phrase search

Most of the time, when you think of your own product or service, you end up describing it in phrases that you use in your industry. Not what a potential client would use. E.g. one of my first websites was optimized for ‘tax havens’.

Later I discovered that people were looking at saving taxes or offshore companies rather than tax havens. So while the tax haven site was ranking well when I searched for ‘tax haven company’ no one else was!

So it is important to know what phrases prospective clients are using to search for your products or services.

3. What is SEO: Optimizing the page

Search Engine Optimization really means that when Google evaluates your page, it concurs that the content of the page really gives information about the phrase people are looking for.

With personalization of search, Google goes one step further and gives each individual pages that are more relevant to them. But note that this is relative to what type of pages others are offering for the same Key phrase.

Manuraj | Team Member

In a highly competitive area the pages may be longer, or with more informative content or clearly state what they are offering and stick to the topic better.

Learn what is SEO by grabbing free how to SEO tips by entering your details in the box on the right

4. What is SEO: Getting recommendations

Another way for a Search Engine to know whether your page is better than others depends on how well your page is recommended by others. Just like in the off line world. E.g. my recommendation of my friend as an SEO expert will carry less weight than Google’s Matt Cutts’ recommendation!

Similarly in the online world, if a page is receiving links from respected and relevant sites, it will carry more weight than if the page was getting links from a link farm or from a friend’s site!

5. What is SEO: On page conversion

Lastly, but very importantly, what happens once the visitor comes to the page? You want him to do something. Maybe read another page, or look at a video or sign up for a download or tips, or buy something or comment on your page.

So how do you know if this is happening? And if not, what should you do about it? Enough research is available to decide how to layout your page.

Where the eyes go. What people want to see? Where they are clicking first. Google analytics and Webmaster tools are great to tell you what is going on.

Finnie | Team Member

What is SEO evolves continuously. And its impact on your business web presence changes dramatically. Social media is now 50% of online time spent.

Learn what is SEO by grabbing free how to SEO tips by entering your details in the box on the right

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