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Guaranteed SEO | 4 Must Do Steps To Increase Your Website’s Effectiveness

Guaranteed SEO: Technical tips, keyword selection & usage, link building & local listings are guaranteed SEO


Please invest 2 minutes of your time to watch the guaranteed SEO video below. It spells out how you can benefit. Or if you prefer to read, then feel free to skip the video and go straight to the text below:

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Guaranteed SEO: 54% of the people click on the 1st 3 results of the first page of the Search Engine results for any given search query. And 90% choose a link on the first page. Whether they are searching on Google or Bing.

SEO reduces your Marketing overheads and finds new markets for you. It will also help you to automate some of your sales processes.

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Guaranteed SEO: 4 Must Do Steps For Sharpened SEO


1. Guaranteed SEO: Technical tips

  • Titles tags tell the search engines what your topic is about in 60 characters. And it tells your visitor what he gets out of clicking on your link. Its your first important step to bring the visitor to your site. Your content must fulfill the promise of this title.
  • Meta description tells the Search Engine what your topic is about in 160 characters. You can use it to better describe your content to both the SE and the visitor. Compelling descriptions increase click through rates.
  • ALT tags are used when images or templates cannot be read by the Search Engine and therefore gives them a way to identify what it is through text. These are very effective when embedding pictures and video.
  • Hyperlinks are used to link a word to another page. When describing the link use SEO principles to gain advantage.
  • Sitemap generation helps SEs to see all the pages on your site without having to look for them. This allows the SEs to index your pages faster and can be done using XML.
  • People could be searching for your site using slightly different website addresses. Use a 301 redirect to a default URL e.g. instead of or


2. Guaranteed SEO: Keyword research and selection

Search engine optimization can help your website gain the attention you desire, no matter the purpose of your site. The foundation of SEO is effective keyword selection.

Researching and choosing the keywords that best describe the products you offer is an art and science. Several tools are available to get you the raw data.

You then need to select the ones that you target. It is more effective to choose generic ones to get you traffic and long tail key phrases that are easier for conversion.

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Each page on your site will focus on a different key phrase.

The text on these pages must not only answer the promise of the title but should also be contextually proximate to the key phrase.

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3. Guaranteed SEO: Link building

While on page optimization helps tell the SE what your page is about, incoming links from other websites tells them how credible your page is.

Getting an endorsement from someone with credibility enhances your reputation in the offline world. Similarly a link from a high quality site to yours enhances your sites credibility and increases your search result rank.

There are various ways to get links. You can share your knowledge on appropriate forums, other websites and be a guest author for complimentary ones.

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Weaker links can be obtained by marketing your content to directories, video sites and social media.

Links enable Search Engine crawlers to find you through other sites giving you more credibility.

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4. Guaranteed SEO: Google local listing

Google local listings are very powerful ways to get yourself on to the first page of search results. As became obvious after Google said so, a majority of businesses are local.

One of the tricky things about this listing is that your address must appear in exactly the same way everywhere on the Internet. This facilitates Google’s verification process and then it starts yielding you results.

Google’s local listing quality guidelines are very useful. And they should be followed precisely.

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The best way to improve your website is to keep adding fresh content every week. While this sounds simple and tedious your rewards will astound you.

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