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10 Ways To Make It Easy For You To Find Out How To SEO

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How To SEO is similar in concept to how you go about learning anything. Each one of us has a particular learning style perfected over the years. It is time to recognize it and use it.

Please invest 2 minutes of your time to watch the how to SEO video below. It spells out how you can benefit. Or if you prefer to read, then feel free to skip the video and go straight to the text below:

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Some people learn by doing, others by reading and researching, some by watching others and some by thinking it through.

Below are 10 ways to get you started doing SEO

1. How to SEO: Desire & curiosity

If you really want to learn how to SEO, one of the first steps to take, as in anything new, is to test whether you really have a desire to do this. SEO is complex and ever evolving.

Half the time, as SEO exponents become better at discerning what the Search Engines want, they keep adding new realizations to their repertoire.

So you will need to continuously update yourself. So ask yourself – do you really want to learn how to SEO?

2. How to SEO: Do it

Rama | SEO Master Trainer

Some people learn by doing. So build your own website. A simple WordPress one will do.Write and add some pages. See if they appear in your Google search results.

Try everything you learn about how to SEO along the way, on your site – on different pages so you can keep track of what action is giving which results.

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3. How to SEO: Tips, books, seminars

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USA of course has many how to learn SEO seminars and if you are going to the US for work or a vacation perhaps you can coordinate your visit to attend one. The rest of the world is not so fortunate.

Especially here in Dubai we don’t have any annual seminars. But there are internationally recognized workshops. Read some books. Attend seminars.

And several books are available. is a good place to find them.

You will find daily tips very useful as well. They give you one thing you can do, everyday. This information is easy to digest – especially after you already have the basics.

4. How to SEO: Courses online

Again, if you are committed, how to learn SEO online courses are a less expensive way to go forward. The onus is on you to learn and you can do so at your own pace.

However this also means that if you get involved with your daily routine, online courses lose priority. Check your commitment levels before you invest.

5. How to SEO: Courses & workshops

Edgie | Team SEO

There are excellent 3 day and 5 day courses offered worldwide. Some are hands on and some more theoretical.

We offer courses in Dubai as well. Check them out by clicking here.

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6. How to SEO: Mentor

One of the most effective ways I have found to ensure implementation is to have a mentor. Naturally this costs money. Be prepared to pay it and think of the returns on investment – not the hourly rates.

While choosing your mentor, find a person whose knowledge and attitude you can respect. Not just because he or she is the flavor of the month. Remember, he or she doesn’t have to be the best in the world of SEO. Just better than you…

7. How to SEO: Remember the subtleties

All professions and skills have subtleties. You can’t learn these without doing the steps over and over again. And have someone guide you. Someone you can go back to. If one workshop or book were enough, you wouldn’t have situations where you followed the checklist and the results didn’t come.

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8. How to SEO: Be intimidated

Manuraj | Team SEO

One of the ways I learn is by putting myself into situations that are intimidating to me.

This makes me concentrate and confront my fears. The learning becomes immediate because I am focused. This may not work for others…

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9. How to SEO: Its OK to fail

Another barrier to learning sometimes is the desire to be perfect the first time. It’s not going to happen. So don’t worry about it. It’s OK to fail! You can only fail if you give up and don’t try another way. Failing just means that you know one thing that doesn’t work.

10. How to SEO: Writing is a key part

Unfortunately, for those of you who don’t like to write, a key part of SEO is writing. Search engines search and rank pages on the basis of text.

The Internet is an information medium. Even when people want to buy, they first search for information.

It is critical to write good content. So learning to write is a key element of how to SEO.

Remember, writing is not an afterthought! It is a main part. If you feel intimidated by writing, find a way to get through it.

Of course, you can get some one else to write for you, and perhaps in the long run you could. But if you don’t write you will not be able to judge its impact on SEO.

How to learn SEO has many ways.

Above are just 10. We offer how to SEO workshops here in Dubai and you can start by receiving free daily how to SEO tips from us. Just enter your details in the box on the right.

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