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Learn SEO: 8 Methods to Attract Search Engines

Learn SEO: Regular site updates, ping SEs, RSS feeds, .xml site map, social sites, videos, workshops, keyword search. Free tips to improve your web presence

Learn SEO: Adding fresh, updated content to your website is the surest way to get search engines to spider your site more often.

Search engines are known to index sites that are updated on a regular basis more frequently.

Please invest 2 minutes of your time to watch the Learn SEO video below. It spells out how you can benefit. Or if you prefer to read, then feel free to skip the video and go straight to the text below:

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8 methods to help you optimize your site better

1. Learn SEO: Add regular updates and new content

The updates can be by of posts on your site, a blog linked to your site or even Tweets that appear on your site.

Content can be new pages of text, pictures, slide presentations, videos or even audio.

The more often – the better. Search Engines like fresh, continuously updated sites. Repeat visitors will also stay interested.

2. Learn SEO: Ping the Search Engines when you add to your site

Some blog systems have plug-ins that will automatically inform the Search Engines that your site have been updated and will request them to crawl your site again. In html sites you need to ensure that this happens as well.

This is essential to ensure that the Search Engines index and then evaluate your page for ranking.

3. Learn SEO: RSS feeds

If your site is being updated regularly, not just Search Engines but human visitors will also want regular information that you add.

Rama | SEO Master Trainer

RSS feeds will automatically deliver the new information to them via RSS aggregators.

So have a functioning RSS button placed prominently on every page.

When a visitor signs up using your RSS button it also shows you that they are interested in what you are saying.

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4. Learn SEO: Creating a .xml sitemap

Whether your site has 10 pages or 300 you need to have a sitemap on your website. This sitemap page should be easily accessible from your index page to the SEs. Only then will they look for it and index it.

If the sitemap includes titles and descriptions it makes it easier for the Search Engines to rank the other pages on your website.

5. Learn SEO: Posting to Social Networking sites

Social Networking sites can be used for getting traffic to your site as well as to get a link to your site.

Traffic to your site depends on the number of people who see your post. A typical click through response is 1%.

So a lot of your effort should go into increasing the number of people who come to your Social Network page. Take care that your readers consist of your target market or you will just get traffic and no conversions.

Edgie | Team SEO

Quality links depends on the number of times your post was shared or forwarded. Which means that not just the content, but also the title of the post should be interesting to your readers from which the search engines will come to your site.

There are many different programs that will automate the process of submission.

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Making a video is easier than it sounds. You can start with the basic text you produced earlier.
Watching videos is growing faster than reading text. Consequently YouTube is one of the fastest growing Search Engines.

6. Learn SEO: Videos

Convert it into a script, stand in front of your camera and speak.

Or you can use the same points and prepare a slide presentation. There are various tools e.g. Camtasia that will help you to convert the slides into a video.

Remember the video should not be more than 90 seconds, should have good lighting and clear sound. After all it will be viewed on a small screen with speakers that don’t give very good sound.

7. Learn SEO: SEO Workshops and Seminars

Everyone doesn’t learn from just reading. Some need person to person interaction and desire to ask questions of an expert or peers.

SEO Certificate

There are many seminars held in the US but hardly any in Dubai.

There are how to SEO workshops being held in Dubai regularly. Yes they cost money but so does any skill you wish to acquire.

And learning SEO will help you to actually generate income for yourself quickly.

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8. Learn SEO: Keywords Research

The most important factor, much over looked, is researching and selecting the right key phrases to target. You can use various tools such as Wordtracker to do your research.

Find out which key phrases are being searched for by your target market. Your conversion results may very well depend on the keywords you have chosen.

Be aware of what makes you different if you offer a service that many other people are offering,

What makes you stick out from the rest of the pack?

Do you offer other services that the competition doesn’t?

Are you quicker or more efficient?

What are they doing, and how do you do it better?

Or how will you do it better?

Make sure to keep a note of this when researching the competition. Learning SEO is time consuming but will enable you to make yourself valuable to your customer.

Compare your website to your competitions: You have to make yourself equal before you can set yourself apart.

Make sure you match what your competition offers in your own way and then provide content that explains why you’re unique, more trustworthy, and better overall. In other words, Learning SEO will make it obvious that you’re the first choice to fit the visitor’s needs.

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