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Off page SEO: Matt Cutts of Google advises us to ask 3 questions when creating a page and optimizing it:

1. Are your pages for humans who come to it or are they for Search Engine Robots? Obviously they should be designed for humans.

2. Is the page useful to the reader? Yes, this is what it should be.

3. Would you do this optimization step if there were no Search Engines? And this poses a dilemma.

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One thing is clear that Google and other Search Engines are modifying their algorithms to reward the above 3 points. And with Panda and Penguin updates they are getting their at a rapid pace.

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What does this mean for back links?

The Google Search Engine was founded on back links as the fundamental method for ranking pages. And every link was viewed as a vote of support.

This mimics the real world to some extent where referrals also count as votes of support and increases chances of prospective clients. And back links continue to be extremely important.

Off page SEO: 9 methods for back linking


1. Off page SEO: Multiple page article

If your article is long and consists of lists you will be better off breaking this page into multiple ones. If a person wants to link to this article they may be tempted into linking to all your pages. So for one article you have the possibility of receiving many back links.


2. Off page SEO: Write content in exchange for link

Content is critical. The ranking of your page in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) also depends on how useful your page is to the reader. Slowly the proportion of your budget spent on content must start increasing.

But today people don’t want to spend much money on writing content. So one way would be to write decent content for someone in a complimentary business in exchange for link rather than money.

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3. Off page SEO: Niche directories

Google has decreased the value of back links from general directories except for DMOZ, Best of the Web and Yahoo because every submission is manually approved.

Niche directories have gained in value. You can find the niche directories focused on your website’s topic by searching for it.

You may not get much traffic from these directories but you will surely get back link value.


4. Off page SEO: Social bookmarking sites

Social bookmarking sites e.g. Technorati, Delicious and Stumble Upon allow you to share and bookmark your pages. You can find submission software that will help you. However the best results come with unique content written for the site which links back to your page.


5. Off page SEO: Press releases

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Note that the way you write press releases is different from the way you write your article or a web page. A press release generally announces some event or happening and should be news worthy.

There are press release submission sites e.g. However note that each release costs money and has to be accepted by human editors. If released though, you could get good quality back links as well as traffic to your site.

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6. Off page SEO: Profile on social networking site and website link

You probably participate on more than one social media platform. E.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. Have you completed your profile on each of them? If not, do so now. You can also add your website URLs on these sites.

Google+ also allows you to create authorship links which help in keeping your content unique. This increases your chances of being linked to.


7. Off page SEO: Videos

YouTube is now the second largest Search Engine after Google. There are multiple video sites that will host your video for you.

You can therefore optimize your video to give you back links to your web page from each of these sites.

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8. Off page SEO: Google Places, Yahoo Local

Increasingly, as search becomes local, the importance of local directories increases. You may have noticed Google maps being displayed as part of the results page that is generated from your search query.

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As local business addresses become part of search results naturally you need to be there too. And you may also have a back link from Yahoo Local and other local business directories.

Links from paid directories carry little value. However if the directory is of a membership organization you belong to and your link comes from there it has significant value.

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9. Off page SEO: Testimonials

You will find that giving testimonials to your clients and suppliers is very rewarding. Most of the time they will least expect it and will make both of you feel good.

If they can be persuaded to put your testimonial on their website with a link back to yours both of you benefit significantly.

The value of this back link depends on how high their website is in the Search Engine’s eyes. In any case it will probably increase the value of your business connections.

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