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Professional SEO: Do you want to have your website found above your competition by search engines? So what does it take to achieve this? Do you think this is a one time process or a continuous one?

Google and other Search Engines change their method of evaluating and ranking web pages 100s of times a year. Your competitors will be updating their websites periodically. New competitors offering the same products or services you offer will appear regularly.

Rama | SEO Master Trainer

So to achieve 1st page rankings for your products and services you will need someone who is looking at this aspect continuously.

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Professional SEO: 5 major elements of SEO


1. Professional SEO: Keyword selection and site planning

Prospective clients for your products or services use words and phrases they are familiar with when they search for their requirements on the Internet. They don’t use industry terminology mostly because they don’t know what it is.

It is therefore essential that an extensive keyword search is done for your geographical target market. An SEO professional can determine for you the actual range of phrases being used currently. You will also be told the monthly number of searches for each phrase and the approximate competition for them. Seasonal demand factors can also be determined.

If your type of product or service is trending upwards you know that demand is growing and you can make plans accordingly.

In collaboration with your SEO professional you can shortlist the ones you wish to target. Thereafter he can create a site structure using Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) and navigational needs.


2. Professional SEO: Content creation

Content is what drives the Internet. Search Engines are hungry for good content, as are those who are searching for it. Content is not just text. Text is very very important because Search Engines read and evaluate it well. But pictures, slides and videos are important too. Many people prefer to get their information through multiple ways.

Good content is one that answers the promise of the title and description of the web page or the video. It is in-depth enough to answer most of the reader’s questions. And it is interesting enough that the reader wants to share it with his or her friends.

You can get content written cheaply. This used to be OK before Search Engines realized that they were being manipulated. And changed their algorithms to evaluate depth of the information.

Edgie | Team Member

And before people realized that getting traffic to their page was not enough. They needed to build credibility before any conversion into an action by the web page visitor took place.

So now you must be willing to spend both time and more money to have good content for your site.

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3. Professional SEO: Web design

There are good looking sites that appeal to you and your friends. These are sites which may be appreciated by those to whom you have given your business card. But is this your target market? These are people who already know you and perhaps are also your customers.

Search Engine friendly websites have different design parameters.

If your target market is people you don’t know, then your approach must be different. To be found by prospective clients when they search for your offerings, your site must offer relevant information. And lots of it.

This already imposes a design constraint.

Also the software coding and language must be easily read by the Search Engines. Or else chunks of your page maybe invisible to them.

Ask your SEO professional for advice and respect it. And don’t worry about whether your friends like the design. Your proof should consist of the number of prospective clients who have contacted you via your web presence for your product or service.


4. Professional SEO: Social media

Social media has grown to almost half of all time spent on the Internet.

By definition, the mindset of individuals engaging in social activity precludes them from being in a buying mode. How do you feel if a person tries to sell you something at a non business social event? Of course this is different on the small percentage of over all time spent on business networking sites E.g. LinkedIn.

Having said that social media is effectively used by companies to build a community of prospective or existing clients. Various special offers, feedback opportunities and new product announcements are used to keep people interested.

Manuraj | Team Member

Usually social media business pages become effective after membership crosses 1,500.

To make this work for you it must be part of your business strategy.

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5. Professional SEO: Marketing of your content

Just because your website and social media business page are up and running it doesn’t mean that traffic will pour in. There are millions of pages competing with yours.

So you need to market your pages to let people know that you are present. And to do this you must go to where they are.

Which means that your presence needs to be announced on article sites, video sites, social media, to the Search Engines, to directories and through press releases. Companies with large advertising budgets also announce their Internet presence through offline media.

Your SEO professional will be able to help you with keeping the marketing message aligned with your prospective client’s search criteria.

Note that SEO professionals are not inexpensive, and will test your commitment to the Internet as part of your business strategy.


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