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What are SEO experts?

1. Knows about what search engines are looking for

Search Engines [SE] essentially want to give you information that you’re looking for.

To do this they continually update their methodology. Google does so 600+ times a year. So what do the SEs look for?

As they become better at reading and comparing your content with their database, they are able to better define depth and relevance of the content to the Search Query.

So in the first way your content gets ranked in a way that evaluates its depth and breadth to what is being sought.

The second way is to see whether your content is being referred to by others. This lends your content increased credibility and a higher ranking.

The expert will be able to understand the way SEs are moving forward.

2. Understands where the web is going in terms of the tools available to leverage your message

SEO is not just about websites. It also deals with your web presence. Via social media, apps, mobile, email, cloud and web advertising.

Almost half the time people spend on the Internet is on social media.

The experts understand and view your web presence as a whole. So they can look at the various trends and help you to maximize the money you use on the web.

Your business may offer high value items for sale. Which will require a series of contacts with the prospective client before a sale is made. Which means that emails will be essential, in addition to the web site.

Would apps be effective for your business? What type of advertising do you need?

3. Can understand your business

SEO in isolation cannot get you results. Finally your results are related to increased sales. Not increased traffic or more links or a monthly ad spend.

So the SEO expert must understand your business. How your business works. Who will do the conversion. What the conversion entails. And your businesses’ Critical Success Factors.
A deep understanding is essential to the design of the site. Its layout. The critical elements that need to be displayed on the landing page above the fold. And what kind of goals that can be set.

What your competition is doing in terms of the web. And how to differentiate your web presence.

The potential customer targeted depends on your own niches. Does your business have any specific product lines targeted to specific niches? Or is it a mass market product. What kind of information needs are required to do the conversion? Where can these customers be reached?
4. Can understand your business style and ambitions

Your business style and ambitions determine the colors, layout and the tone of your content.

It is not enough to get traffic to your site. You also need to get traffic that will convert. People spend around 30 seconds on a web page.

When a person Searches for something, he is looking for information, and is not browsing for something interesting. Time is always an issue.

So if he comes to your site and expects an answer to his Query, and doesn’t find it, he leaves.

You will not find the time to convert him.

Also only about 2% of people coming to your site will engage with you. I.e. get in touch with you or do what you want them to do.

SEO experts who understand your business style can help filter in the type of customer you want. By using appropriate colors, pictures and helping you with your content’s ‘voice’.
5. Can understand your ideal client – to filter them in and get you better conversion

Only if the SEO experts understand your business and your ideal client, can they help to do this.

It is possible that your ideal client is a mismatch with your personality and the way your business works. And you need to know that.

Often we desire to get a certain type of client, but may not be ready to service them.

So what are the alternatives?
Go with the kind of client you can service right now. And build up your capabilities to service a different type.

Your web presence can be altered later. In fact you will see how the tone of your content and your choice of layout changes over time.
6. Knows how to measure the impact of web based efforts and then helps you to devise strategies to take advantage of this

All websites and many social media sites now offer free analytics. This can give you information with whatever level of detail you want.

You can look at the amount of traffic you are getting. The conversions. The pages that are working for you and those which aren’t. Where you should put in more effort.

Whether mobile traffic is becoming a factor. Should you have a mobile strategy.

If Social Media is where your prospects reside, SEO experts can help you to reach them.

Do you need an app to help you increase your business? Or whether it would be a waste of money.

SEO experts are not just for websites.
7. Understands where social media efforts will give you the best impact

All Social Media is not equal. It depends on where your customers are.

For example, LinkedIn works far better for business to business marketing then Facebook. It’s engagement is almost 4x higher.

But for brand and community building Facebook maybe better.

And for businesses that lend themselves to pictures, Pinterest is great!

Where should your Social Media efforts be spent?
So think carefully before you hire SEO experts. Maybe you can even attend a beginner’s SEO course to help you understand better what you are getting into.

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