Our Story: Varal 3.0 was a conventional, Dubai, United Arab Emirates [UAE] based, Business Registration Consultancy company between 2010 to 2020.

Varal 4.0 is now a 100% Remote Working from Home Company [RWHC] with the goal of providing customers with a flawless automated application processing platform and a document vault, while being consistently profitable. This system is being developed in house.

Currently we have 7 team members in Dubai, 5 in the Philippines, 1 in Benin and 6 in India.

Varal emphasizes working on the basis of Strategic guidelines [TKIs], Goals, Values and teamwork.

Varal 4.0 Values: Customer Obsessed; Humility; Power Of Compounding; Automated Assembly Lines For Business Processes; Relentless Reduction Of Costs; Documentation; Manage Risk Instead Of Avoiding It; Acquire Skills, Not People; Preserving All Forms Of Company Wealth.

Culture & Style: This is a 100% full time remote job. You will be expected to be available during the working hours of the company 8:30 am to 18:30 pm, Sunday to Thursday Dubai time [GMT+4].

You will be expected to participate in regular meetings where you have been nominated via video calls. And be available to travel if required once in a while.

Varal currently utilizes 5 different platforms e.g. Trello, Slack, GitHub and MyVaral to communicate and keep track of work and keep ourselves glued to the company. This number is expected to increase to 8 over the coming months. Transparency is important to Varal so all Varalians can see what is happening across the company via the Trello boards.

You are encouraged to learn the ones relevant to your job and participate fully. Weekly status reports will be required. A weekly performance appraisal is in place.

What We Offer:

● You will be entitled to 20 paid personal days off per year
● You will also be entitled to take 10 public holidays per year as they happen in your country.
● You won’t have to relocate, saving money on rent and commuting
● You will be joining a committed team which is breaking traditional moulds on how to automate business processes
● There are no additional benefits offered at this time
● Since you are not employed by a local company, your compensation will not be subjected to any statutory deductions

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