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Business Set Up In Dubai | 5 Areas Where Dubai Wants Growth

Business set up in Dubai: Are you an investor looking for a business opportunity in Dubai? The Government wants growth in real estate, tourism, entertainment, re-exports, and recruitment

Business set up in Dubai: There is an abundance of business opportunities in Dubai for both local and foreign investors looking for a profitable venture in the UAE. Also, its relatively easy because of a wide choice of locations and opportunities that are on offer

The opportunities lie mainly in 5 areas which offer the greatest chances of success since they are in line with the Dubai Government’s Vision 2021.

It is best if you acquaint yourself with the finer details to avoid problems later on.

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Here are 5 areas of opportunities

1. Real Estate

One of the prime business opportunities in Dubai is real estate. That’s right; the real estate industry in Dubai alone contributes 22% to the city’s GDP.

Construction projects are undertaken by both local and foreign companies to expand the city’s attractiveness to the world market — catering to the needs of business investors and tourists alike for luxurious commodities in the city.

Delving into the real estate market in Dubai does have challenges:

    • Like finding the right property to invest in which will give you a good possibility of returning your investment
    • Or taking advantage of the city’s tourism for possible rentals as monthly income.
    • If you are considering a business setup in Dubai then the real estate could be one of the high return areas.

2. Travel and Tours

Many international travel companies have a business setup in Dubai. Dubai is the travel hub of the Middle East. Due to Dubai’s popularity as a tourist attraction in the UAE, setting up a travel and tour business in the city is a great way to tap into the market and earn you a successful investment.

According to statistics, there is a stable growth of tourist activity in Dubai, seeing a growth of 5 to 10 percent each year. Such being the case, taking advantage of this fact to jump-start a  travel-related venture is definitely a good idea.

Business Set Up In Dubai | 5 Areas Of Business Opportunities

Business Set Up In Dubai

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3. Entertainment and Night Club

Tourism has made a large impact on the types of business you can invest in in the city. One of the most favorable business setups in Dubai you can try out is to put up a nightclub or an entertainment facility to target the demands of both tourists and locals in the recreation industry.

Restaurants, hotels, and hotel apartments are all seeing investments.

This is an emerging area for the business setup in Dubai.

4. Exports

If your business setup in Dubai wants to take advantage of cheaper products in UAE then one of the most profitable enterprises in Dubai is to try your hand out in re-exporting goods to international consumers.

Food items from Iran, Pakistan, and India are relatively cheap and are being exported to Africa. As are other necessities and commodities like used cars and jewelry.

If you want a high-end venture then you might want to consider exporting pharmaceutical products and ceramic tiles to start it off.

Dubai chamber of commerce has a wide range of product lines to research and select your product.

5. Agency for Skilled Labors

Businesses being set up in Dubai are always in need of highly skilled and trained professionals in several sectors mainly in the construction, engineering, IT, and healthcare industries.

Lucrative opportunities for the business setup in Dubai is to set up an agency for skilled or unskilled people.

If you have well-established contacts for sourcing manpower in other countries then you can try your hand at putting up a manpower supply service in Dubai to cater to the growing market demand. This includes nurses, programmers, engineers, and teachers to name a few.

Finding a sponsor is not a problem since there are plenty of options. However, you need a sponsor to be knowledgeable in the market, as well as with the business you plan to put up.

Business Set Up In Dubai | 5 Areas Of Business Opportunities

Business Set Up In Dubai

Business set up in Dubai: To process your registration click here

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