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Investment Dubai | Profitable Investment In Dubai Real Estate

Investment Dubai: Background, property investment, why real estate, city tourism and when to invest

Investment Dubai: Dubai opens great opportunities for investors as it emphasizes it’s own future visions. Investment in Real Estate has driven Dubai’s growth over the last decade.

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Dubai’s population has grown to around 2.5 mn in 2016. It is also aiming to increase tourists to 20 mn by 2020. So investment in hotel apartments and commercial property might be your ticket to a successful and profitable investment.

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Investment Dubai: Dubai background

Dubai is one of the most vibrant and economically stable cities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Due to its rich tax-free trading tradition, Dubai has slowly risen from a humble beginning to an economic powerhouse that attracts millions of foreign investors and tourists. Who bring with them friends, family, and visitors to the city that contributed much to their growth.

In Dubai, many construction projects are being undertaken every year. Making it a boon to investors looking for a successful investment for their hard-earned money.

As of 2016, Dubai has a mixture of construction projects and improvements — and in a span of 5 years, has grown its economy to what it is today — one of the fastest-growing cities in the Middle East that is not dependent on oil.

Property investment

Real estate opportunities in freehold properties are always attractive. Provided you keep an eye on the price vs. rent yields. You can buy them for investment and have a management company look after it. For maintenance, rent collection and re-renting when leases are up.

Unlike registering a business, owning real estate in Dubai is less cumbersome. Reasons are simple e.g. no corporate tax or income tax paid and 100% ownership, no restrictions, and most of all, having a home or office for real estate profit in a city where low crime rate prevails.

Investment Dubai | Profitable Investment In Dubai Real Estate

Burj Khalifa

Investment Dubai: Get a free quote by filling your details in the form on the right and discover how to get profitable opportunities

Why real estate investment?

The answer is quite simple. Solid tax-free investments in a growing city with a top class quality of life.

Not because you can liquidate property when you need cash immediately. But you can keep buying property as and when funds are available and tax-free yields provide you with liquidity for expenses.

As of today, 22% of the city’s GDP comes from real estate. Various construction projects are underway. Luxurious hotels, resorts, apartment complexes, and luxury homes. Continuous improvement in infrastructure makes Dubai a haven for investors who are fed up with the red tape in countries where similar infrastructure brings crime and taxes.

Taking advantage of the City’s tourism

Another reason why real estate is attractive is that of the city’s focus on tourism.

Dubai’s Vision 2021 calls for 20 mn tourists by the rear 2020. That is almost 3 times the 2012 numbers. Opportunities in all tourist-related real estate e.g. restaurants, apartment hotels, and hotels seem alluring since demand is being created by the government and there is a shortage of supply.

For example, having your own hotel in the city makes it possible to tap into the visitor market to generate a profit since it is reasonable that these individuals will be looking for quality accommodations similar to what you offer.

When to invest

The time is always right in Dubai. Provided your yield calculations are attractive. Even during a slow down, some properties will give a better yield. If you can network referral relationships with 2 or 3 real estate professionals who can bring good deals to you, you are in for a successful period of tax-free income and wealth creation.

Investment Dubai | Profitable Investment In Dubai Real Estate

Emaar Towers, Dubai

Investment Dubai: Get a free quote by filling your details in the form on the right and discover how to get profitable opportunities

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