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Business Opportunities Dubai | Yields The Highest Profits

Business opportunities Dubai: Are you a businessman who keeps on thinking what kind of business are you going to invest?

Business opportunities Dubai: Do you keep on researching and probably doing a case study about businesses that yield the highest profits?

Do you want to invest in Dubai, UAE? If the answer is yes, then I hope this article would help you decide. I am going to enumerate business opportunities in Dubai.

Business opportunities include some of the following:

Jewelry Business

Business opportunities in Dubai are known for its vast market of Gold and Diamond jewelry. Some people are visiting UAE only for the purpose of having stunning jewelry collection. As an investor how can you make money with jewelry as the main product? You can engage in a buy and sell business. You can sell jewelry online where the cost of operation is cheaper. You can also put up a retail outlet store for your items of jewelry.


If you are planning to put up a business, this kind of business opportunity in Dubai will surely make your investment a gainful one. There has been a survey from TGI that says 74% of the country’s population “had a meal in a regular restaurant”.

This is the reason why this kind of business is really an intelligent choice. Also, it has been said that restaurants are “proof-recession” business. No matter how down the economy is, people will still go to restaurants to eat.

Café and Coffee Business

Business opportunities Dubai is also known for having an active nightlife. Employees, students, and visitors usually go to coffee shops for socialization. When I go to malls during weekends, I notice that Cafes and Coffee Bars are usually the places where people go, especially the locals. I personally believe that this kind of business is also exceedingly lucrative.

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Real Estate

For the past years, the business opportunities of Real Estate has gone down due to the recession. But experts say that from the year 2012 the business is back.

Land transactions in Dubai increased by 21% in the first half of 2012 reaching AED 63 billion. (Source: Emirates Land Department Show) Investors should also try this business especially this year due to the upturn of demand in the market.

There will be an increase in demand because of expo 2020. Dubai expects an increase in population by 1.2 million people in the year 2020 (source: The National UAE).


If a company has a good name and has a high reputation among customers, investors would want to replicate the company’s established idea of doing business opportunities in Dubai. This kind of business is very popular not only here in Dubai, UAE but also in most countries. Although the cost of franchising is in truth expensive, still, investors are eager to put a large amount of money because of its proven concept of business.

However, this type of industry should be cautiously planned to be in no doubt that the amount invested will not be put into waste.

Business opportunities are something to consider

These are but a few of the many choices if you are planning to put a business in Dubai.

It will lead you to a successful business only if you have well-planned business opportunities before actually investing in it.

Business opportunities Dubai: Get a free quote by filling your details in the form on the right and discover opportunities that yield the highest profits

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