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Business opportunity Dubai give way to potential profit in exporting local products.

Business opportunity Dubai: If you’re thinking about investment then you might want to consider business opportunity Dubai in a single package.

The cities under United Arab Emirates are now bustling communities enjoying high economic stature and offering a lot of opportunities to local and foreign investors planning to start a profitable Middle East investment

Business opportunity Dubai may want you try your hand out in imports. Foreign products are a hit in the UAE, specifically luxury goods, food items, and high-end technologies that is considered to be a necessity in many of the societies in the region.

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Business opportunity Dubai are always in need of expert workers to help improve the local economy

Many of the local import duties come from Japan, United States, and China. Keep in mind, however, that not all products are great for imports. Cigarettes and alcohol are considered expensive and tax on them are 100%, unless there is a good reason to take the risk.

However, you might want to consider popular imports, like food, clothing, medicines, construction equipments and raw materials, or even pearls since there is a big market on them in the UAE.


Ceramic tiles are a trend in many countries today, as well as medicines from local pharmaceutical companies.

Raw materials, like metals are also in great supply and are popular in the local market. Exporting oil and petroleum based products might be too expensive, but local consumable and food product is a good idea for small-scale businesses.


As business grows, as well as the economy, so does the need of skilled professional to take part of the much-needed workforce. Opening up a business that caters to manpower service is a great investment in the region, especially for those with high demand on care givers, health-related professions, engineers, architects, and skilled IT personnel. There is also a great demand of fluent English teachers to help educate the local in the language.


As with business opportunity Dubai and UAE goes, we can’t help but consider bringing the outside world to the Middle East.

Franchise or putting up an offshore company in the region is a relatively new investment — you won’t see a lot of international brands putting up their establishments in the UAE so this can be a pretty good niche to delve into.

However, it is more ideal to analyze the local trend to make sure that you’re putting up a franchise that is a hit in the local economy.

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Types of businesses

Before you think about investing in UAE, it is best if you acquaint yourself with what type of businesses you can hope to put up in the region. In most cases, there are two of them you can consider, namely:

1. Partnership/Sponsorship

This type of venture is most suited for small to medium scale investments. An investor will own the business along with a native UAE sponsor as shareholder.

This means that you get to share the profit with someone and let them do all the work in managing it for you.

In most cases, this business is only made possible if your sponsor owns majority of the stocks — at least 51% and the remaining with the rest of the shareholders.

2. Sole Ownership

This business in the UAE can only be put up in Free Trade Zones – meaning, you are above the standard rules and laws in putting up an investment in the city, freeing you from the necessity of having a sponsor to jumpstart the investment, and giving you full authority over its operations.

Sole ownership ventures in Free Trade Zones are mostly high-class ventures, like industrial and IT firms.

Work with a Local Firm

These are just some of the business opportunity and UAE investment offers you can put up in the region.

If you’re not sure in how to proceed with business opportunity Dubai and use then the best way to go at it is to work with a local business consultant firm to prepare all the necessary documents and planning to help straighten some hurdles and simplify company incorporation and registration less the headaches.

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