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Dubai Internet City | Target Your IT Business in Dubai

Dubai Internet City : Business opportunities, services available, features, type of licenses and other incorporation options

Dubai Internet City (DIC) provides a strategic and cost-effective platform for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) companies targeting emerging markets in a vast region extending from the Middle East to the Indian subcontinent, and from Africa to Central Asia.

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The global ICT giants are all here, including Microsoft, Oracle, HP, IBM, Dell, Siemens, Canon, Logica, Sony Ericsson, Schlumberger and Cisco, as well as many small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurial ventures.

The ICT cluster comprises companies from various sectors:

    • Software development
    • Business services
    • E-commerce
    • Consultancy
    • Sales and marketing.

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DIC offers a ‘one-stop shop’ arrangement, giving Business Partners the freedom to focus on their core operations including company incorporation, trade license and visa services.

Dubai Internet City: One-Shop Stop

  • Swift Registration Process
  • Company Incorporation
  • Trade License
  • Visa Services
  • Telecom and Internet Services
  • Data Services
  • Facilities Management
  • Health, Security and Safety Services

Companies located at DIC also enjoy a host of free zone benefits including 100 per cent ownership, absence of corporate and personal income taxes or customs duties, as well as free repatriation of capital and profit in any currency.

Companies set up in DIC enjoy an environment that attracts different elements of the value chain from Banking and Finance, Insurance, IT, Legal to Airlines and Hospitality

Many small and medium businesses (SMBs) and promising entrepreneurial ventures are also part of the community. The cluster comprises companies from a variety of sectors – Software Development, Business Services, Web Based and e-Commerce, Consultancy, Sales and Marketing and Back Office.

Dubai Internet City | Target Your IT Business in Dubai

Internet City

Dubai Internet City free zone company: Get a free quote now by filling in the box on the right and get your own free official estimate

Internet City has grown rapidly in the past year into a vibrant international community of about 400 Information and Communication Technology (ICT) companies and 8,500 knowledge workers.

The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) community continuously expanding, these are increasing business opportunities for companies within Internet City itself.

In addition, it has developed programs that can be leveraged by the ICT community to explore and expand ‘Channel Development’ opportunities.

Dubai Internet City : Features

  • 100 per cent exemption from personal income tax for 50 years
  • 100 per cent exemption from corporate taxes for 50 years
  • 100 per cent foreign ownership
  • 100 per cent repatriation of profits
  • Dynamic international community
  • Opportunities for business interaction and networking
  • Opportunities for channel and market development
  • Communications infrastructure based on next-generation technologies
  • Digital voice and high-speed data services offered at competitive rates
  • World’s largest commercial IP telephony network

Internet City is about 25 kilometers south of the center of Dubai city on the Shaikh Zayed Road towards Abu Dhabi city.

Internet City has simplified licensing procedures to provide companies with the legal structure required to set up a business.

Whether the venture is new or existing, small or large, Internet City ensures that a company’s first steps in establishing themselves within the free zone community are successful.

Dubai Internet City : Type of license available 

  • Service License
  • Trading License

A simple registration process enables companies to get their businesses up and running quickly. Internet City also works closely with various government departments to help ease the process of obtaining visas necessary for recruiting employees. Visa turn around time is both quick and efficient.

Companies Can Choose to Incorporate Their Businesses as:

  • Branch of Foreign Company
  • Branch of UAE-based Company
  • Free Zone Limited Liability Company

Internet City is the epicenter of the information technology revolution in the Middle East, and continues to reshape the future of businesses located in the free zone and in the region.

Dubai Internet City | Target Your IT Business in Dubai

Burj Al Arab, Dubai

Dubai Internet City free zone company: Get a free quote now by filling in the box on the right and get your own free official estimate

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