FAQ Company Formation In Dubai

Q1 (Freezone): If I register a company in Ajman, can I use the Jebel Ali port for importing tools and exporting them out? or I am limited to Ajman port only?


  • You can take the IE code from any of the ports in UAE.
  • Using that you can import your goods in any of the ports other than Ajman also.

Q2 (Freezone): We are thinking of opening a mainland or Freezone company. However, we heard that the minimum space office space required to set up the company is 550sq ft is that correct? and does this apply to Freezone as well? Or there are different requirements?


  • Minimum office space for local company is 200 sq ft.
  • For free zones minimal office requirement varies with each zone the least office space required is the flexi desk space.

Q3 (Freezone): I am looking to set up a sole trader company in the cheapest free zone in UAE. I have heard Umm-al-Quwain is cheapest. Do you have a package for there? We will do IT services/web development.


  • Yes, UAQ is the cheapest option which we can offer you.
  • AED 20,500 will be for getting the license including the premium office space.
  • 2 visas you will get with this.

Q4 (Freezone): What is the cost of forming a company in Ajman free zone? What is the visa process for the employees? What is the approx cost of the warehouse there? Business activity is garments trading. What is the visa process? If we want to take a warehouse on rent. What approx is the rent? Like normal 1000 to 1500 sq feet. What is the minimum area like a Flexi desk or like for about 6 visas how much office space is required?


  • You can take the trading licensed with one activity.
  • AED 20,800 will come including office space and PO Box.
  • Warehouse rent is AED 350/sqm.
  • You will be eligible for 1 visa for every 7 sqm.
  • The standard size available now is 100-420 sqm.
  • The Flexi desk is for 2 visas.

Q5 (Freezone): I need to know the full charges to register a company with JLT free zone.would I also need to have an office space or no need? We are an online business platform.therefore if I would want to register the company and have the minimum space .required, ie flexi office. What would be the overall cost?

Answer : 

  • It will be a professional license.
  • AED 50,000 with the minimum office option.
  • A 3 sqm office you will get which can be used 16 hrs a month.

Q6 (Local Company): I am going to establish a company in Dubai with the following information, could you please give me your proposal: A new company Sole owner Safety consultancy Minimum cost for office (flexi, virtual or …) No visa required The company will work as a consultancy in Safety, inspection, and integrity. The parent company is in the UK

Answer : 

  • We can give you the options for RAKIA Free zone, DMCC and DWC.
  • You have to take the least office space.
  • The cost estimates including the minimal office space will be send to your email id.

Q7 (Local Company): I am curious to the fees in opening an LLC company. Trading in Perfumes, electronics. In the future possibly food goods. Does the fee include side agreements to ensure the safety of the 49%? Why is this better than doing a Dubai Freezone company?

Answer : 

  • It can be done by taking a commercial trading license of LLC company.
  • AED 35,000 appx will come for getting the license.
  • This cost includes License fee, local sponsorship fee, our service charges and other govt costs. But it does not includes your office rent and visa processing charges.
  • You have to pay additionally 5% of your annual rent to Dubai Municipality also.
  • Yes, the fees includes side agreement also. it will be better if you take a general trading license.

Q8 (Local Company): I am looking to set up a management consulting practice in Dubai. As I understand I will need to get a professional services license? But what would be te legal entity? Would you also find the local agent? What about your office requirement? How much space do you need?

Answer : 

  • Yes, it will be a professional license.
  • You can set it up as a local company or as a free zone company.
  • We will provide you the local agent also.
  • For the local company minimum office requirement is 200 sqft.

Q9 (Local Company): How to get trade license for maintenance company?HVAC system, Electrical, and Plumbing?

Answer : 

  • You can register it as a Dubai local company.
  • We will need the Passport copy of shareholders and Tenancy agreement.
  • You have to find out the space for your restaurant.

Q10 (Local Company): I want to know how much would cost me to start LLC in Dubai for doing Cleaning, water tank cleaning, fumigation, and extermination. How many visas can I get? No any additional approval required right? Do you know the requirement to start pest control and water tank water tank cleaning?

Answer : 

  • The cost will be AED 36,000.
  • The number of visas for employees depends on the office space. The investors will get visas irrespective of this.
  • No other additional approval is required.
  • You have to find out the space and get the tenancy agreement to apply for the license.
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