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    Hi there I been through the proposal and want to reconfirm that my client will be invoicing for commodity trading done in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The fees are also quite high is there another alternative or fee structure u have.

    This is a message from the Lead, What will be the exact activity I will going to base?
    Thank you


    it is a going to be a commodity business who is going to invoice the DRC

    the activity is receiving funds from DRC for the Commodity activity
    So more like invoicing for the trading in DRC.

    And what cost will I suggest in DMCC? is that on Service Licensed type?

    Thank you


    The activity is using UAE only as an invoicing hub. The goods will go from one destination to another outside UAE from DRC. For such a model of business, a General Trading licence activity will suffice. Or if there is a specific commodity category he can take a Commercial Trading Activity.

    It is not a service activity licence but a trading activity licence. DMCC will cost AED 63,000 including Varal’s charges.


    It is General Trading as confirmed by the Lead.

    is AED 63,000 for general trading? coz in the cost sheet that we have it cost AED 102,540, for general trading.


    Is this activity available in DMCC or DWC?
    Coz I its an offshore right?

    Thank you very much for the Reply



    The General Trading Licence will be 102,540 AED in DMCC. The cost of AED 63,000 is for specific trading or service licences. It is not an offshore company but an onshore free zone company with a trade licence.

    The activity of General Trading is available in DMCC. DWC will also give the same. Both are free zones. DWC however will demand a 30 Sq. mtr. office to be leased to permit General Trading licence at the rate of AED 1300 per The total cost in DWC for a General Trading will be about AED 74,000


    Sorry – a correction please. The Total Cost of DWC General Trading licence will be AED 78000.


    Thank You very much

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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