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    The client had problems on his account with UAB bank, as it seems they are closing their operations. Please check with the network of bankers who are ready to open an account for an Offshore company.

    Please be advised that you have two options regarding your inquiry:

    1) We will introduce to a bank consultant with a guaranteed bank account and it will cost you USD 1350 (100% refund if the bank account does not open)

    2) We can facilitate with the bank Representatives and arrange appointments with you to have a face-to-face meeting and then you and the bank will follow-up each other for the documents (No charges)

    Please note that the amount USD 1350 is not charged by us. It is the bank consultant fee for getting the documentation and bank account for the company.


    Which bank will you open the account? Which are the options?

    One partner is in Brazil, she can not come for opening the account.
    Is that okay if I am the only one who can sign the documents for opening the account?

    Also, you will deliver the token to our address, we don’t have to come to Dubai. We just meet on May 28, 2019 and sign the document.

    lastly, the fee is very high, we have opened the account before but I believe it’s really high for this job.

    Please answer this question so we move forward. Thanks


    The bank consultant will take signed forms for 3 banks and will get one bank account for sure with no investment and lowest minimum balance of less than 50,000 AED
    Attested POA is required for authorized bank signatory if one shareholder cannot come to Dubai for signing documents.
    The maximum discount is USD 255. So the bank consultant fee will be USD 1095

    Token will be delivered anywhere in the world.
    Your presence required for 1day, 1hr just to sign 3 bank opening forms.

    The following banks will be given as options-
    Noor (offshore)
    Mashreq (offshore)


    how to get attested POA? Please advise process..

    also advise when payment shall be done.
    Is it 50% advance and 50% after you open the account.. also if you don’t open the account, do I get my money back?

    How much time will it take to open the account?


    In case of single signatory then the bank will simply require a Board resolution or a power of attorney attested by UAE embassy in home country and Mofa attestation in dubai (ATTESTATION IS SUBJECT TO BANK REQUIREMENTS)

    50% advance and 50% after the account is open and if 100% money back guarantee if account does not open.


    We can give board resolution, please send the details/ format in which bank needs this


    The details and the format will be made by the bank all you have to do is sign.
    Lets start with the process!!!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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