Bank account issue for Offshore company

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    Wesga International Limited is registered in OS RAK ICC and is expired since 06-Oct-2018.
    Client is asking for the renewal cost, I told him it will be USD2200 plus the penalty charges because he did not renew last year. Client is asking for our help because his bank account was suspended what should he do to re-activate it?

    Please help us with the best recommendation we can give to the client.

    Note: We have sent him a quote for company closing however during phone call he is still interested to know how much it will cost to renew the company. Bank account issue needs to resolve and then he will decide what he wants to do with the company.


    The client will have to speak to the bank to understand weather the bank acct is closed or suspended and if its closed then not sure if he can open it again with the same back.

    However he can renew the company and then he can apply for a new bank account from any other bank.

    Company needs to be renewed in order to have a bank account.

    bank account is not guaranteed

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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