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    1) if we close down the company in dubai ,can we take out the capital money?
    2) if we do offshore CONFIRM no tax?If we withdraw dividend company will it be charged tax?or any that we do not know?
    3) If wan open bank acc in long require our directors to stay there?and how many times west need to go dubai just can settle all the set up things?
    4)If dubai company is subsidiary company of Gigabit hosting, only west will go dubai to open acc, can we do resolution to appoint west open the acc etc..without the 2nd director?
    5)For subsidiaries company, if got profit..Gigabit need to pay tax?Same as dubai company need to pay tax ma?
    6) The amount stated is open bank account or the money have to pay dubai goverment?
    7))What is the Min cap and max cap for withdrawal one time at dubai bank?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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