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    My question is:
    We are 100% export oriented company having manufacturing facility in Western state of Gujarat in India.
    We export our products to US market where we have network of distributors nationwide.
    Our monthly volume in Dollar terms is around 200K USD. We are in growth mode. Recently we expanded our capacity to do volumes of USD 500K
    And every year we plan for exponential growth.
    We want some bill discounting facility in Dubai for invoices raised on my US clients.
    What are the possibilities of getting bank finance or private finance if we route all our export through our Dubai entity and how long it takes to avail bank finance.
    If someone could talk to us on this line it will great


    Spoke to the client.

    Client only wish to open company for invoicing purpose and also have a bank account in dubai. No requirement for office space

    Offered Freezone Shams / ifza for 20,500AED and bank account opening charges 5,000AED.

    Bank finance facilities after 1 year of successful transactions with the bank

    Will consult with son and get back to us

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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