Can have 1 license for movable car wash, in different point along Dubai?

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    Parking Car Washing
    Act. Code: 5020-18
    Service License
    Includes firms engaged in car washing and cleaning manually or through specially equipped movable vehicles which carry out such services in public parking lots and parking facilities in malls and other premises.

    The lead is asking about this activity, and other consultancy told him he’ll need to get multiple license if he move from one community to another, yet still inside Dubai mainland.
    Can he have only one license for this activity and move from one place to another using a equipped movable vehicle for car wash in any point of Dubai mainland?


    Please use the below activity

    Activity Details
    Car Washing & Cleaning
    Activity Code 4520009
    Activity Group Motor vehicle repairing
    License Type Professional
    Activity Description Includes firms engaged in different vehicles washing and cleaning services through immovable auto or manual washing stations, it involves cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles.

    The Department’s approval shall be obtained before the change of licensed location and relocation.

    Subject to approval client can use movable auto or manual washing stations

    similar company who got approval last week


    Can he just use one license if he will be moving from one place to another(inside Dubai)?
    or he will use multiple License for each location he’ll be moving?


    Local mainland llc company allows – moving inside Dubai (For eg, Food truck – Truck Banners for advertisment – Icecream truck – petrol filling car service – rent a car – AC maintenance and repair —————- however office has to be fixed services can be moved anywhere inside Dubai


    So for example if the client wanted to visit a customer in the villa does he still need to ask special permission to operate my business inside the villa?


    There is no need to ask for permission if the licence is valid with the above special permission. We shall apply for the licensee.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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