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    lead has offered IFZA. activity is e-commerce and he will work from home.
    question: Is it compulsory to have a flexi desk?


    Another question from the lead:
    “Hey guys. I will receive domicile certificate right? So my income through my business will not be taxed in UK?”


    The flexi desk is a facility offered by the free zone as a part of the package and also because the company to be legal must have a local address. It is not compulsory to use it but you cannot form a company without it. So the quoted package price includes flexi desk and that cannot be brought down.

    A Tax domicile certificate can be issued by the ministry of Finance for an individual as well as for a company. A separate application must be made on the portal with required documents attached after one year is complete.

    The MOF tax resident certificate requirements are- Residence visa for the owner, audited books of accounts and sometimes a bank statement to show evidence of business activity may be demanded.

    As regards taxability in the UK it is best to consult a UK tax lawyer with a question if a tax residence certificate will exempt the subject from UK income tax. Countries who have double taxation agreements with the UAE do not normally charge income tax on UAE income of its citizens. But safer to check out with UK based lawyer.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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