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    Client wishes to have a freelance permit/license and then expending into a company, would that give him one visa and the possibility to scale and expend as he forms the company?
    Activity is professional services: consulting related to data and analytics.


    Freelance permit gives only one visa and he will have to select activity based on the activity sheet. if he wishes to expand he can either go for a free-zone comp-nay or go for a local mainland llc company

    Please find below the details in the below link


    Further questions are as follow:
    How much is a freelancer license?
    How long is it valid for?
    What is the cost and how easy will it be to convert it to Free zone company?
    If I set it in a free zone will it give me the ability to work all across UAE?
    Are there any restrictions working in the financial Hub? client is asking for the location of the core financial and banking hub in Dubai such as ENBD, ADCB, HSBC etc.

    Personal note: I can answer some of the questions here using available resources , however I chose to ask you for accuracy and professional conduct.
    Thank you for your assistance.


    On average the total price for a freelance permit varies from AED 10,000 to AED 20,000, and depends on factors like:

    You need a 1-year permit or you wish to opt 3 years straight away
    You need a residency visa or you are a stay-at-home mom who simply needs an operational permit for yourself to conduct your commercial activity legally in the UAE

    There will be restrictions working in the financial Hub & freelancers do not get a corporate bank account, freelancer you can operate only through your personal bank account

    If you set up a fully-fledged company, you can do it by setting up a new company with free-zone and cancelling the freelancer permit

    To get a TRN number and trade with corporate
    In the future to hire employees, when your business grows
    You will have greater credibility in the market, building your brand, where corporates still prefer to work with legal entities, rather than freelancers
    You will be able to open a corporate bank account which also adds credibility

    There will be no upgrade of license it will be close freelancer and open new free-zone company.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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