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    Customer wishes to practice these activities.

    Building Cleaning Services.
    Dry ice Blast Cleaning.
    Residential Property Care Services.
    Aircraft Cleaning Services.
    Tanks and containers Cleaning Services.
    Advertising Signboards Cleaning Services.
    Yacht Cleaning Services.
    Carpets and Textiles Mending.

    Please advise the appropriate license for these activites.


    749301 Building Cleaning Services
    749302 Dry Ice Blast Cleaning
    749304 Residential Property Care Services
    749305 Aircraft Cleaning Services
    749306 Tanks, Containers & Crates Cleaning Services
    749307 Advertising Signboards Cleaning Services
    749308 Yacht Cleaning Services

    All these above activities can be added into one license and the below activity can also be added provided the client gets an approval from Dubai Economic Department
    930106 Carpets Cleaning

    Mainland Local LLC company (Professional License)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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