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    Need your expert advice which Freezone is best to offer for this activity. Or if we can also offer offshore.

    To summarize the requirements
    Activity confirmed is
    Well Drilling & Oil & Natural Gas Development Abroad
    Activity Code 0910102
    Activity Group Petroleum and metal extraction
    License Type Industrial
    Activity Description Includes the process carried outside the UAE for the drilling in the onshore and offshore oilfields for the extraction of petroleum and natural gas.

    – need 1 visa for himself
    – no need for office space
    – need a bank account

    also sending his messages here.
    lead: I’m currently working in Saudi in the oil fields, employed by COSL, but paid through my own company, registered in Scotland.
    I’m looking to set up a similar idea but registered in the UAE. I therefore do not need an office etc. So, how would I go about this, if it is even possible?

    1) it would be working in the oil fields in Saudi Arabia, on a 28/28 days rotation but through my own company based in the UAE.
    2) I would need a residents Visa for myself only
    3) I’m pretty much living in Abu Dhabi on a tourist Visa (28 days in the Emirates, 28 days out) Is there a difference between here and Dubai for setting up a business?
    4) No need for a physical office space.

    I want to set up my company, working for myself in the offshore, oil and gas. I have full employment in this sector. Yes, I would need a bank account.

    I would be a contractor working on the oil rig.
    I will go to a rig and perform the duties that are requested. My job title is Barge Engineer. I invoice the company for my time, so the only “trading” is myself working for that company


    DWC – Freezone
    1120-06 Repairing Oil & Natural Gas Well Equipment Abroad Service ü ü permanent office only Dept. of Petroleum Affairs Includes the reparation and maintenance operations carried outside the UAE for the equipment involved in the various operations of oil and natural gas production, from primary stages of survey and exploration up to storage.

    dmcc – freezoene
    Energy 1120-01 Oil & Natural Gas Well Drilling حفر آبار النفط والغاز الطبيعي Service Includes the process of drilling in the on and off shore oilfields for the extraction of petroleum after conducting the geological surveys to locate the petroleum reservoirs, the process involves the experimental and developmental drilling as well as constructing the derricks and fixing the casing pipes. Any Type Outside UAE only 50,000 AED No No

    Please refer to FREEZONE activity list if he is looking for cost effective optons

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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