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    What activity can we offer to the client who wishes ti be an oil/petroleum broker?

    Mr. Engbi answered our questions:

    1) What type of business or activity do you want to
    do here in UAE?
    – We are brokers/middle between buyers and sellers of petroleum products
    2) Do you need any visa? How many?
    – Yes five visas for my family members alone, we actually want to relocate to the UAE
    3) Do you have a preferred location? Inside Dubai? Outside Dubai?
    – No preferred location but possibly location that we can afford.
    4) Do you need office space?
    – Yes we may need an office space if it’s affordable.
    5) How many shareholders?
    – Sole proprietorship

    Client said “We are brokers to the buyers and sellers.
    In my own case we know the seller and buyers so we link them up.”

    There is no activity such as “Oil / Petroleum Broker” in the list


    Activity Details

    Refined Oil Products Trading
    Activity Code 4661003
    Activity Group Fuel and petroleum products trading
    License Type Commercial
    Activity Description Includes selling oil products derived from converting crude oil in refineries to use in petrochemical industries, such as, methanol, urea, olivine, or fuels of airplanes and ships, kerosene, fuel oil, sulfur and nitrogen compounds, or heavy products such as tar, heavy oil, wax, these firms are not allowed to deal diesel and gasoline.


    Activity Details

    Fuel Supply Services
    Activity Code 4661010
    Activity Group Fuel supply
    License Type Commercial
    Activity Description Includes firms engaged in supplying sea and land transport companies, industrial firms, power generating plants with fuel and lubricants and other similar materials to operate machinery and equipment.
    Is start business for:
    Terms and Conditions Requested By
    4 – This business license is subject to Dubai Municipality rules and regulation, DM holds a right to regulate it. Dubai Municipality (Department of Health and Public Safety)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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