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    I m interested in Rak offshore.
    How much will be renewal charge.?
    Also please clear about taxation on profit of this type of business.


    The details are below.

    An offshore company in the United Arab Emirates [UAE] is the best solution. A UAE offshore company is the equivalent of an International Business Corporation [IBC].

    Offshore companies in UAE have

    Zero taxes on income, transactions or capital gains

    Minimum capital is USD 1

    No local office or residential visas are allowed (since you are UK citizen you can come on an on-arrival visa to UAE)

    Offshore company can do only international business

    However it can own assets in the UAE and accept payments and issue invoices from UAE

    Can have a Dubai bank account

    Currency freely convertible


    Cost for single Shareholder ( Individual Share holders)
    USD 2,997
    Time to complete registration
    5 Days
    Physical presence for signing
    Not Required
    Minimum Directors 1
    Additional Shareholder USD 300
    Share Certificate attestation
    USD 100
    Bank Account Opening
    Will introduce you to a bank consultant who guarantees a bank account and their charges will be around USD 1350.

    Renewal company Cost Annually:

    Company renewal fee : USD 2000

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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