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    Company is due for renewal on may 8, 2019 but the client doesn’t want to renew nor close the company and will just leave it as is. We advised the client that if ever he will not renew the company he will be liable to pay penalties if he decides to renew or close the company and that the bank should be updated as well. He informed us that he doesn’t have bank account. He’s now asking if it will affect his visit to Dubai with visit visa or not?


    An entity in the UAE, whether free zone or mainland, is required to be renewed on an annual basis by furnishing documents for renewal and making the necessary payment to the authority. Non-renewal will attract Monetary Penalties, Restrict Expansion of Business and even black listing. Future business set-up might also attract problems. To have a clean record, it is advisable to liquidate the entity. Such liquidation would entail a process whereby client need to settle all liabilities; visas, if any, have to be cancelled and clearance from government departments such as etisalat/du, Customs, etc., will also be required.

    There wont be any problems with visit visa but Visa issuance is also subject to the immigration department and they have the full right to decline and put travel ban.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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