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    Our client, Mr. Asaad, a saudi national wants to know the cost for this type of business.
    here are his queries:

    I plan to establish a company in UAE specialized in providing healthcare services like hospital management and advisory services.

    I am a Saudi national, and therefore, I don’t believe I need a local sponsor.

    I appreciate your advice in the process needed, cost, taxation, ….etc.

    1) I prefer having a company in Dubai, but I am open to other locations if three are better advantages. I selected Dubai because it is a more frequent destination to companies that have international operations or engagements.

    2) The activity of the company is not owning hospitals per-say, we would like to focus on the management of healthcare facilities and engagements in healthcare investments, partnerships, and advisory services.

    3) Regarding visa requirements, I might need two to start with.

    How much is the cost if no local sponsors since he is already a saudi national? and what could be the specific type of activity for his business? thank you for the advice.


    Yes he can form a local llc mainland company
    If he is the only one shareholder in the company then no Sponsor required
    If he has more then one shareholder then Sponsor is required
    Cost is the same for mainland company and our consultancy charges will be 8,000 Aed and above if required

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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