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    1.What activity do you want to do here in UAE?
    – i want to start general trading,with emphasis on African food stuff.
    2. Do u need any visa? how many?
    – i don’t know how is done or what type of Visa I will need for such.i’m counting on your professional advice.
    3. Do u have a preferred location?
    – i would want a location that is cost effective.
    – I will like to operate as a single owner.
    4. Would you need an office space? Is it possible to start without that first? Maybe subsequently as d business grows?

    So which jurisdiction and how many Visa’s do u advise?


    General trading – selling products inside dubai or outside ?

    To sell anything inside dubai directly its Local mainland llc compnay


    Can we offer SHAMS or UAQ for this activity?

    Foodstuff Supply Services
    Activity Code 4630211
    Activity Group Foodstuff supply
    License Type Commercial
    Activity Description Includes supplying, by contracts, fresh or canned foodstuff to other entities for direct consumption or for industrial use.
    Is start business for:
    Terms and Conditions Requested By
    12 – This business license is subject to Dubai Municipality rules and regulation, DM holds a right to regulate it. Dubai Municipality (Food Control Department)

    General Trading
    Activity Code 4690018
    Activity Group Other Trading Activities
    License Type Commercial
    Activity Description Includes commercial firms engaged in importing, trading and re-exporting of any of the allowed goods and, the activities that need special approvals, can also be traded upon obtaining NOC from the competent department.
    Is start business for: Sole Establishment , Limited Liability Company(LLC) , Limited Liability Company(LLC) , Limited Liability Company – Single Owner(LLC – SO)

    The client wants cost-effective location. Asking for our professional advise. Also asking if it is possible to register a company without getting a Visa?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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