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    We have a WLL company in Kuwait and about to setup a firm in Qatar next month. We are in to Overseas Educational Consultancy. Offering Students to find suitable Universities across the globe and help them for documentation n visa assistant. We also provide german language training and few competitive exams. We would like to open a company with 100 percent ownership with total control of the bank account. Can you advice us how to proceed for this purpose plz. Not interested in physical office as of now.


    Activity Details
    Education Support Services
    Activity Code 8550006
    Activity Group Institutes and education
    License Type Professional
    Activity Description Includes institutions primarily engaged in providing non-instructional services that support educational processes or systems, such as educational consultancies, university admission services academic liaison, educational facilities management as well as the provision of examination preparation.


    Activity Details
    Immigration Services
    Activity Code 7490014
    Activity Group Consultancy -D- management, information and marketing
    License Type Professional
    Activity Description Includes offices specialized in offering consultancies and services to immigration applicants, whether the immigration for work, investment or family re-unification abroad, provided that the local rules and regulations governing such process are observed, it involves assessing the applicants as per the hosting countries requirements, screening the documents and advise on what needed to support the application, prepare a complete file and submit to the concerned authorities, follow up the procedures and answer queries and provide the additional needed documents, qualifying the applicants to pass the personal interviews made by the representatives of the hosting countries.

    To have both the above activities under one license we need to take approval from DED if granted then both can be done under same License.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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