Sharjah Media City (SHAMS), launched in February 2017 is one of the most competitive Free Zone companies in the UAE

It is amongst the best media and digital hubs for establishing reasonable and successful business with a wide range of business activities to choose from & making changes to it when required.

Documents for company renewal in SHAMS:

Company renewal in SHAMS is a hassle-free & easy process. Procuring ‘Renewal’ and ‘Amendment application’ forms is the first step. 

The next step is to sign the required documents and have a scanned clear copy of the ‘Trade License’.

The simple process of company renewal in Sharjah Media City Freezone.

The company has to get its license renewed annually as they stand valid only for 12 months in accordance with the regulatory requirements. It is basically carried out in three stages:                                                              

Stage 1: Preparation & Collection of Documents: Renewal form is prepared and sent to the client. The client submits the signed form and license fee to the third-party provider.     

Stage 2: License Renewal Application: The provider then submits the required documents and the payment to the authority.

Stage 3: Finally, the Government reviews the application and after a complete inspection of the documents, approves it & new documents of incorporation are issued.

Company Amendments & Business Activity Changes:

A Company can make amendments to its Memorandum by Resolution and any such amendment is to be notified to the Authority. 

You need to contact Shams if you wish to make changes in the business activities and amend the license. 

You then need to submit the required documents: Renewal and Amendment Application Form, Board Resolution, 


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All original company documents + Certificate of Formation + Business License + Share Register + Memorandum (if applicable) + Occupancy Agreement (if applicable) and settle the payment at last.

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