Finding Non-copyrighted Images for 18 Services

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Job ID: J1504202011 Cost: USD 0.05 per image

Job Description:

Find and Upload images of resolution 1024×768 pixels from the internet depicting each of the subjects provided to you

1. From the list of subjects provided to you select one subject, find and upload 3 images depicting that particular subject.

2. For eg: The list of subjects given will include printing of newspaper, printing of magazines, stitching etc.

3. Ensure that the image quality is sharp enough to be expanded (the image should be of Resolution of 1024×768 pixel).

4. Ensure that the images are not copyrighted.

5. The images have to be uploaded in the form provided along with the job.

To apply please follow the instructions below.

Step 1

Click on the link below to go through the guidelines on how to do the job

Find and Upload Non Copyrighted Images_Guidelines&Instructions _02032020

Step 2

If you are interested to do the Job, click on APPLY below

Step 3

Enter your details and copy paste the JOB ID given above

Step 4

If the pop up message says “Job Alloted”, you can check your email where you will receive the document where you will be doing the job

Step 5

Please check your email. You will be sent the document where you can do the Job. You can find links to other documents such as FAQ and Instructions.

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