KIZAD Company Set Up

Establishing a business at Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (KIZAD)

KIZAD is the new platform for commerce, logistics, and production. It promises to deliver dynamic change in conducting business by offering competitive costs in operation in a conducive business setting.

These days, businesses are rapidly expanding. As a result, there is an increasing need for free zone areas. This is the main reason why KIZAD introduced the KIZAD Port Free Trade Zone.

It was established in 2012 with an outstanding location between two cities- Abu Dhabi and Dubai. 

Benefits of KIZAD

It is the first free zone in the UAE that will be connected to the future railway that can connect your business to about 4.5 billion clients.

Apart from the railway network, KIZAD is also accessible via sea, air, and land. 

KIZAD offers competitive rates for your lease and utility expenses.

KIZAD has reliable support for investors to facilitate fast business set-up in a tax-free business environment.  

The Business Activities of KIZAD Company

Subject to the consent of the Board of Abu Dhabi Ports Company (ADPC) and based on the regulations of the ADFZ, the business activities of the KIZAD Company are allowed to have any other kinds of commerce in connection with the general business of the KIZAD Company. In the same manner that the Company is permitted to open up branches outside of ADFZ. 

KIZAD Free Zone provides business activities that focus on the following categories:

  • Trading
  • Industrial
  • Logistics

The business activities that are set-up in the KIZAD free zone that are allowed to operate should provide products and services for a fee or on a contract basis that includes the following:

  • Print and copy of files
  • Marketing and Mailing
  • Providing office types of equipment which are for lease
  • Providing security and graphics

KIZAD offers inviting tax conditions for those businesses that produce goods in the free zone and then ship these goods to other counties. Tax exemptions on raw materials can also be claimed.

Moreover, KIZAD also has business activities that are related to these fields:

  • Travel agencies
  • Marketing
  • Freight forwarding support
  • Management 

The Procedure in Setting-up your Bank Account

How to Open a Bank Account?

In order to make each step of opening a Company in KIZAD uncomplicated, we will help you in every step of the way which also includes opening your bank account.

Knowing your background as well as your business model, we will be able to give you our assessment regarding the chance of a successful bank account opening.

The approval of your bank account application is the sole discretion of the bank. Each case goes through a process of investigation or scrutiny by some of the bank’s departments where it will be deliberated for approval.

In case the bank needs more details or information from you, the bank will get in touch with you directly.

The more precise the details that you will give to the bank regarding your business, the faster it will be for you to get an approval for your bank account application.

As a consultancy company, we do not have the power to persuade a bank to approve and process your application.

But, we will do our best to assist you in preparing you and your Company for a swift and successful bank account application.

Registration Procedure

The Steps in the Registration and Applying for a License for your Business

KIZAD offers an efficient and streamlined registration and licensing procedures that will guarantee that most licenses are approved within the week of submission for as long as all documents are completed. 

Here is a list of the documents that are required for registration and application for a  business license:

  • Abu Dhabi Free Zone Licensing and Registration Application Form
  • Passport copy, UAE Visa, and EID copy (if applicable)
  • Entry stamp of the individuals (for non-visa holders)
  • Power of attorney (if you are not the owner of the Company)
  • A copy of the educational certificate(s) as attested by UAE Embassy (in certificate issuance country) is required
  • No Objection Certificate (in Arabic) from the current employer, if UAE resident.

The documents that are itemized below are required based on different business set-ups:




UAE Sponsorship

Is UAE Corporate Sponsorship Required for KIZAD Investors?

In order for you to be an investor at Khalifa Port FTZ, one of the prerequisites is for you to procure a lease agreement confirmation document.

What is corporate sponsorship all about? UAE is transforming into a one-stop business hub. Ranging from oil, travel and tourism, hospitality, UAE has covered all. Most foreign investors prefer the mainland for the LLP business but there are some requirements such as corporate sponsorship.

Based on the UAE Commercial Law, local sponsorship is one of the requirements for a foreign investor when opening an LLC Company in Dubai. The local sponsor in Dubai needs to hold 51% Company share while the foreign investor is to keep the remaining 49% share of the Company. 

Wondering why foreign investors need corporate sponsorship?  Since you are required to get an Emirati national to help you start your business, getting an unknown person may pose some risk. The best option is for you is to look for a business organization or entity that would act as the Emirati national that would hold the 51% shares of your company in a secure and safe manner.

Business License Renewal

What are the Procedures for the Automatic Renewal of Your Business License?

The cost of renewing your license is exactly the same as the incorporation fee. When renewing your business license, a financial audit is not necessary.

Automatic business license renewal does not require the presence of the Company owner.

Every business in the UAE has to have a valid license in order to operate. Once your business license has expired, you have to renew it to prevent cessation of business.

Based on your Company’s legal form, you need to present certain documents such as the commercial license renewal form, property tax receipt, copy of your passport, UAE ID cards, NOC from concerned authorities, among others.

Since your presence is not necessary for business license renewal, we can help you apply for a business license renewal.

Here’s what we can offer to you:

  • Identify all the necessary documents for the renewal of your business license.
  • Identify the changes that need to be done in certain documents.
  • Prepare documents for approval
  • Give you guidelines on how to add or remove some business activities.
  • In case you want to change your business name, we can help you with the process.

Choose KIZAD

Why Should You Choose KIZAD as your new business destination?

The list goes on when it comes to choosing KIZAD as your next business destination. Aside from the sophisticated transport system that we mentioned earlier, there are numerous benefits why you must seriously think about KIZAD:

  1. The free zone is directly linked to Khalifa Port, which is one of the most sophisticated and advanced in the globe which offers a link to 6 global destinations through 20 shipping lines.
  2. The Khalifa Port can accommodate all sizes of ships, which makes it possible for easy transportation of goods-both import and export to anywhere around the globe.
  3. KIZAD provides business premises like state-of-the-art offices that can be used right away.
  4. KIZAD also offers foreign investors warehouse to store goods and soon, it will begin offering light industrial units that are for rent.
  5. Finally, by choosing KIZAD, you can enjoy a number of incentives such as zero export tax as well as potential exemptions in customs on joint venture companies, imported raw materials, goods that are manufactured in the UAE and then exported to countries in GCC.
  6. Tax exemptions
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